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MapleStory 2 Second Closed Beta Coming… Soon™

author image by Rapthorne | MapleStory 2 News | 1 Comment | 08 Jun 2018
MapleStory 2 Closed Beta 2 Announced... Sort Of? In an announcement posted on their website today, MapleStory 2 developers Nexon have finally broken their long silence since the end of the first closed beta for the game and have announced... Read more

Anime MMORPG Closers Unleashes Harpy On NA Servers

author image by Rapthorne | Closers Online News | 0 Comments | 23 May 2018
Harpy Flies In To The Action Enmasse's Closers Online servers get Harpy today, the high-kicking, double jumping, acrobatic card trick enthusiast. To celebrate the rogue's release, Enmasse are holding a "leveling sprint" event. All new Harpy characters that make it... Read more

Kritika Online Releases Windhome Update

author image by Rapthorne | Kritika Online News | 0 Comments | 20 Apr 2018
Increased Level Cap, New Region, New Gear & Higher Gear Enhancement Kritika's latest update - Windhome - is now available to play, bringing with it an increased level cap - Up to 70 -, the new Windhome region and accompanying... Read more

GameForge Announces Server Merges for TERA EU

author image by Rapthorne | News TERA | 0 Comments | 20 Apr 2018
TERA EU Mergers Announced For May GameForge - TERA's EU publisher - has announced server merges will be taking place at "the beginning of May". The following server merges are planned: 1 PvE server (EN): Sikander will be added to... Read more

Eldevin Online Game Review

author image by Wigglsby | Review | 0 Comments | 19 Apr 2018
Eldevin is a free-to-play 3D MMORPG that is very story-driven. The game itself is created in the vain of older styled MMORPG's, from the general questing system, items and its heavy RP element. Video Review - Is Eldevin Online Worth Playing?... Read more

MapleStory 2 Landing Page Live And Closed Beta Date Announced

author image by Rapthorne | Maplestory News | 0 Comments | 14 Apr 2018
MapleStory 2 Closed Beta Next Month! With MapleFest underway, the worker bees at Nexon may have jumped the gun a little early, spoiling the announcement of the Maple Story 2 Global Closed Beta. The Website Is Live HERE with working links to... Read more

Rift Prime Launch Month A “Rousing Success”

author image by Rapthorne | News Rift | 0 Comments | 09 Apr 2018
Primed for Rift Prime Rift Prime is Rift's new subscription-only server and, by Trion's account, it seems to have started off really well. According to Trion's most recent Press Release, in the first month, over 5 million quests have been... Read more

Anime MMORPG Blade & Soul Releases Automaton Assault Event

author image by Rapthorne | Blade and Soul News | 0 Comments | 09 Apr 2018
A Robot Rampage? A Cyborg Showdown? Nope, it's an Automaton Assault! Blade & Soul has announced the arrival of it's latest event content, the Automaton Assault dungeon. This 6 man dungeon can be entered by players level 50 and up and... Read more

Sci-Fi MMORPG Star Trek Online celebrates “First Contact” Day

author image by Rapthorne | Free to Play MMORPG News | 0 Comments | 04 Apr 2018
The First Contact To the uninitiated of the Star Trek fandom, April 5th will be any old day, but Trekkies will know April 5th as the date of The First Contact - The day Humanity first encountered an alien race within... Read more

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box, Seats of Power & Gemstore Update

author image by Rapthorne | Guild Wars 2 News | 0 Comments | 27 Mar 2018
Super Adventure Box Returns! Starting March 29th the Super Adventure Box event will return to Guild Wars 2, available until April 19th. The Super Adventure Box is ArenaNet's tribute to retro 8 bit games of old, and features a great... Read more

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