NCSoft Announce Guild Wars 3

NCSoft Just Announced Guild Wars 3

You know it’s a good day when you wake up and see news that one of the largest, most influencial, arguably most popular free to play MMOs get a confirmed sequel. That’s what just happened with Guild Wars 2.
When I first mentioned NCSoft were potentially developing a Guild Wars 3, people told me I was crazy, that there was no way that could be the case.
When I followed up several years later with confirmation that NCSoft were hiring programmers to create an MMO in an already pre-existing intellectual property, people said there was no way that could be Guild Wars 2. The game is too healthy, a staple of NCSoft’s roster of games, and by association, potential to make a quality game.
Yet according to multiple sources online – Inven – which documented NCSoft’s shareholders’ meeting on the 28th, and several websites that have since covered the reveal, Guild Wars 3 is already deep in development. Much further than any of us likely even thought possible after this announcement.

But what would a Guild Wars 3 look like? Will it differ from Guild Wars 2? Is it the same team working on it, and how will this ultimately affect Guild Wars 2? Especially given ArenaNet’s commitment to releasing more frequent expansions each year.
That’s what we’re going to try and find out.

The investor’s meeting began by acting chairman, Park Byeong-moo – who we’ll refer to as Park for the remainder of this video – stating that the global gaming market in 2023 is very unstable, and NCSoft has experienced difficulties both internally and externally, resulting in a decline in stock price.
With how poorly Throne & Liberty did in Korea, and NCSoft’s recent statement confirming it’s up to Amazon with the Global release to save the game, with Aion, Blade & Soul, and their mobile games all doing poorly – this was to be expected.

Park followed this up with a statement referring to the companies history over the last 20 years. “If you look back at NC’s history, there are a number of successful IPs that were developed independently in Korea.”
Which is true. Aion, Lineage, Blade & Soul. All exceptional MMORPGs that did fantastic, financially, until they were ruined by NCSoft’s mismanagement and greed.
“I am confident that NC will be able to develop its capacity for sustainable development again.” – With regards to new intellectual properties? Unlikely. Potentially, by expanding on already existing intellectual properties like Lineage, Aion or Blade & Soul because they already carry a fanbase.

He then goes on to confirm “Innovation for change has already begun,” further elaborating on NCSoft’s Global vision by stating “this year is NCSoft’s first step forward as a global game company.”
“I dare say it’s the first year,” explaining that they’re in the process currently of releasing numerous games that fill a variety of different genres – some of which haven’t been done before, like the new open-world Trailblazer game, among many others.

The CEO, Kim Taek-jin is in the process of traveling around the world at present, in an active effort to expand not only their brand, but also their scope and games by engaging in Global collaborations.
As noted, one of the most important routes for the companies’ success moving into the future, is “establishing a foundation for globalization,” along with “continuous investment to increase new IPs.”

2024 is going to be a very important year for NCSoft and its shareholders, with much of its potential success riding on how well received Throne & Liberty is Globally.

A question was asked of Park, “NC West has been running a deficit for 8 years, and I don’t understand why the person in charge remains the same.” NC West is the North American studio in charge of Lineage, Aion, Guild Wars, and Blade & Soul across America, Europe and Oceania.
Park goes on to respond to this by confirming that originally, NCSoft had six studios within the United States, and after extensive work, with likely quite substantial costs, every studio was integrated into one: ArenaNet. ArenaNet is the developer behind Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, and it’s at this point that the revelation was made concerning Guild Wars 3.

“ArenaNet are currently working on Guild Wars 3, looking at this process, we have considerable competitiveness. Although it is not completely profitable” – referring to ArenaNet – “I believe that it has increased its competitiveness.”
ArenaNet and the Guild Wars intellectual property have proven to be the continued driving force behind NCSoft in recent years, looking at their sales breakdown by region from the 4th quarter of 2023, you’ll see that “NA/EU sales grew by 15% quarter over quarter due to strong sales of Guild Wars 2.”

Park further elaborates on NC West by reiterating this is their “first year Global leap forward,” but they are also “reorganizing the Global headquarters.”

Park talked a little about he, the COO and CEO’s claims of excessive financial compensation, even in light of their continued stock price decline, but navigating further down, we see a question asked concerning NCSoft’s reputation – and how brand value has fallen recently.
I just want to point out, this isn’t a recent occurence. This is a reputation that has been deteriorating for the better half of 2 decades.
Park states that NCSoft has a “negative image among streamers in the gaming industry,” and that these creators will likely change their opinion about them after seeing the quality games they plan on releasing in 2024.
I haven’t seen a single game announced by NCSoft that screams a significant alteration in terms of quality. Or a drastic departure from what they’ve become synonymous with.

The rest of the Investor’s meeting went over topics that were unrelated to Guild Wars, but it looks as though they’re anticipating Guild Wars 3 will be a large driving force behind the studio’s expansion into the Western gaming market.
Which could very well be true. Guild Wars 2 is keeping the studio afloat right now. Guild Wars 3 could bring an entirely new audience to their games. But let’s take a look at what people have to say.

Honestly, I think Guild Wars 3 has the potential to be a phenomenal game so long as the people that made Guild Wars 2 stick to a formula that people love. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, just optimize and improve on what worked.
But at the same time, I don’t forsee this game releasing for many years. Probably sometime after 2030. So they have plenty of time to craft the perfect formula.

Until then, there’s always Blue Protocol or Throne & Liberty, right? Right?

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