Maple Story 2 Pet Taming System and Enchant Changes

Gonna Be The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was!

In their latest producer’s blog, Nexon have revealed details on Maple Story 2’s pet taming system, as well as adjustments to the game’s gear enchanting system.

Gotta Feed Them All!

Starting from level 50, Maplers can start pet taming “Hungry” monsters. How, you might ask? With candy, of course! (and a trap).

Once a hungry monster has been found, you can feed them with candy, but it needs to be the right type, as monsters are very picky eaters.

Throw enough delicious sugary goodness at them, and you will be able to lay down a trap for them

If you succeed, these pets will assist you in combat. They can level up to become more powerful, and can offer bonuses such as auto looting and auto potions.

Pet taming is a progressive system which you level up. Levelling it unlocks more powerful and rarer monsters to capture, and there seem to be a huge amount of monsters to capture if this screenshot is anything to go by.

Not As Cute, But Still Worth Mentioning

It’s less cute and fun than the pet taming system, but the other big thing to mention is the changes happening to enchanting.

The enchanting cap has been raised to +15, as opposed to the +9 we saw in CB1, and hats, gloves and shoes will be enchantable, too. From +10, you will need to use the same type of equipment to upgrade an equipment piece, and failing enchantment will grant charges that increase your success chance with each failure. They have also implemented an item you can craft to instantly reach +10 on an item’#s enchantment.

More controversially is the implementation of “Peachy’s Enchantment”, which guarantees success of enchant attempts.

So far according to Nexon ” you must obtain materials from adventure dungeons in order to use it, and the materials are a bit more costly. Unlike Ophelia’s Enchantment, you don’t need the same gear to enchant gear with Peachy.” – My concern however is if this gets gated, or made easier to access by way of the cash shop.

What Do You Think?

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Are you looking to become the next MapleMon Master? Does pet taming excite you? Do you simply not care? Whatever your thoughts, let us know in the comments below or check out the MMOByte Discord Community to join in the discussion

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    sounds good .. hope i get in cbt2

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