Kritika Online Releases Windhome Update

Increased Level Cap, New Region, New Gear & Higher Gear Enhancement

Kritika’s latest update – Windhome – is now available to play, bringing with it an increased level cap – Up to 70 -, the new Windhome region and accompanying story line, new Danger Zones, new equipment and the Prime Attribute system, and an increased gear enchantment cap of +19.

Of all of these, the Prime Attribute system seems the most interesting to me. As described on the promotion page:
“Windhome also introduces the Dusk gear set designed with the new Prime Attribute system in mind.

Prime Attributes are a way to further customize your character. Each piece of gear you pick up in this new region will have a Prime Attribute that will particularly resonate with a specific class. Add up enough Prime Attribute points, and you’ll unlock a powerful array of special abilities for your character.”

It seems like a unique way to make your character stronger, and I’d be curious to see just what sort of  special abilities the new Prime Attributes will bring.

For the full patch notes, visit the Official News Post Here.

New Update, New Collector's Edition

What would any MMO patch be without shiny new things to dress your character up in? The Windhome update also brings with it the release of two new Kritika bundles.

The first is the Collector’s Edition Pack, with a hefty pricetag of US$49. For your precious coin you will receive An exclusive Infernal costume for one class of your choice, a Clockwork weapon skin, a steamdrake autoloot pet, 30 days of Elite status, some 30 day bonuses and some consumables.

The second is the new Elite Costume Pack, which comes in at US$29. This will net you 4 costumes, 30 days of elite status, a Player Pack with useful bits and bobs like exp boosters and resurrection stones, and a 30 day Dye Mania voucher.

Check out the full details on the Official News Post Here.

Don't you need to be Thane to get that?

The new Breezehome Windhome update is live now. Are you looking forward to the new Danger Zones or Prime attribute system? Leave a comment below or join in the discussion on Our Discord Server!

  • author image
    Space Sage Reply
    Sep 14, 2020 @ 0:57 am

    Kritika feels like a 4 power really early demo for Black Desert or Vindictus. It does play smooth. If the power selection of Black Desert is too overwhelming, this simple game might be for you.

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