Arthdal Chronicles, Netmarble’s New MMORPG is Launching Globally in 2024

Arthdal Chronicles, Netmarble's New MMORPG is Launching Globally in 2024

Arthdal Chronicles is a beautiful upcoming hybrid combat Cross-Platform MMORPG developed by Netmarble and Studio Dragon.
It features a deep, extensive narrative, while being interconnected with the Korean Drama of the same name.
The game will take place within the same world, expand upon factions, families and entire regions encountered within the TV series, with Netmarble claiming they wanted to turn Arthdal Chronicles into a Global intellectual property. A Korean Game of Thrones, as it were.
And while that is definitely a grandiose goal to set – which will be very difficult to attain – Netmarble released footage from G-Star showing us what the game is going to look like. Footage we’ve never seen before.
And that’s what we’re going to look at today. I’m excited to see what the game looks like.

Arthdal Chronicles seems to feature a hybrid action combat system. When it was announced, Netmarble claimed it was going to run a full action combat system, but judging from what we’ve seen in the trailers, that doesn’t seem to be the case.
You can see your character locked on to an enemy, with a red selection icon encompassing the target.
Movement and actions are both very realistic and incredibly fluid. I actually thought for a cross-platform title this looked pretty good. Definitely a higher quality product than I gave them credit for when I first saw the trailer released a year or two ago.
They didn’t show much in terms of area or world diversity: All we saw were some forests and rocky areas, along with acouple different monster types. Whether they feature deserts or snowy regions remains to be seen.
We also can’t really discern how open the game seems to be at present. What we were shown was very narrative-driven, meaning it was scripted and supported by the story.
But Korean MMOs aren’t known to really impose much of a focus on story, so this is a nice change.

Unfortunately that’s all that was really shown. And from that single video, I can say with 100% certainty that if the game comes out looking AT LEAST as good as this, then it’ll be pleasant to look at and play.
But it might also be a pay to win mess. Highly segregated. Mostly auto-play. We don’t – and cannot know currently until test phases are held. Which I’m eagerly looking forward to.

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