Palia Enters Open Beta – New MMO-sim

Palia Enters Open Beta - New MMO-sim

I haven’t played Palia – Mrs Stix, on the other hand, has covered, in rather great detail, her experience over the course of Palia’s Closed Beta.

She’s been playing the game extensively since the game went into Open Beta, and while a very different type of MMO – it doesn’t really have combat, dungeons, raids, or a vertical type of progression typically found within the MMO genre, this is some of the most fun she’s had in a while.
Mrs Stix is a Savage and Ultimate raider in Final Fantasy XIV, and a Mythic raider in World of Warcraft, so being able to take it easy in Palia as a casual MMO is a very different experience for her.
You can sign up and play the Open Beta right now if you’re interested. This is a very different MMO to what players are used to, and that.. admittedly has left many players criticizing it. But it definitely carries the potential to appeal to a niche audience that no other MMO caters to.

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