Anime MMORPG Closers Unleashes Harpy On NA Servers

Harpy Flies In To The Action

Enmasse’s Closers Online servers get Harpy today, the high-kicking, double jumping, acrobatic card trick enthusiast.

To celebrate the rogue’s release, Enmasse are holding a “leveling sprint” event.

All new Harpy characters that make it to level 20 before 23:59 (PDT) on Tuesday May 29th will get the following cool stuff, including an adorable permanent head accessory (pictured) award by June 1st:

  • Pirate Washing Machine ×5
  • Elite Status (1-Day)
  • 500 EMP
  • Midnight Phase Wings (AAA Tuned, 30-Day)
  • Permanent Shark Accessory

As well as the levelling event, on their stream on Thursday 31st, Enmasse will be giving away 10 Closers Deluxe Collector’s Packs (containing the exclusive Nightmare Costume set, a pair of Midnight Phase Wings, 30 days of elite status, 2000 EMP, Gardening and Maid Service vouchers, and 5 plum sodas) to random winners picked from the people who completed the leveling sprint by getting their Harpy to 20 in time.

I should stop "Harping" on

What do you think? Will you be trying out the new Harpy class in Closers? If you don’t play, does this new class make you want to give the game a try? Do you not care? Leave a comment below or join in the discussion on The MMOByte Discord Server.

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