AI LIMIT Release Date? Brand New Upcoming Action RPG!

AI LIMIT Release Date? Brand New Upcoming Action RPG!

I was taken a little aback when I saw this title. An upcoming action RPG I didn’t know existed that looked as good as this does? Where do I sign up?

AI-LIMIT is a brand new upcoming hardcore action RPG developed by Palm Pioneer’s Sense Games Studio. Judging from the trailers the game utilizes some very fast paced, very high quality action combat that shares quite a few similarities to both NieR Automata and Honkai Impact.

We take control of Arrisa, an android with a wide array of different weapons at her disposal, each with their own unique playstyles. Interestingly enough, where most RPGs don’t allow for any customization, in AI-LIMIT that’s not the case. You’re capable of customizing your headgear, body, limb wear and various other areas with each adjusting your abilities, creating not only a unique looking character, but also a build specific only to you.

There will be multiple endings, with each ending being solely dependent on the actions you take while out in the world exploring and questing, meaning you’ll need to take note of everything going on and plan accordingly. While there is no multiplayer planned, it would be nice to see it present in-game in some form given how multiplayer friendly the title looks.

AI-LIMIT has a planned release on the PS4, with a potential PS5 and PC release somewhere down the line. It is unconfirmed specifically when the game will release within China, let alone the rest of the world, but given that the game has been in development since 2016, I would wager a bet it will have a 2022, maybe 2023 release at the latest.

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    Its not worth playing anymore because of the unbelievable level of greed and scams perpetrated by X...
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    Angelo Belluco says:
    Congratulations to all the people that got a key...
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    ByteStix says:
    Same reason people pay $50 for a 2-day headstart with Founder's Packs....
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    justwei says:
    don't the game comes out in like 5 days? is there really a point to the contest anymore?...