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Rapthorne’s Review: Bless Online Early Access First Impressions

author image by Rapthorne | Bless Online Review | 1 Comment | 30 May 2018
Bless Online? More Like Bless Offline, Right? Disclaimer: This First Impressions Review is based on Early Access Head Start experience of Bless Online. The game may very well improve a great deal during it's early access period. So... where to... Read more

Bless Online Q&A From Preview Event

author image by Rapthorne | Bless Online News | 0 Comments | 17 May 2018
The Following Is Directly Taken From The Bless Q&A Article Source: Bless Online Steam Forum Announcement Greetings! First and foremost, we want to let everyone know that community feedback is very important to our developers, and accordingly, we are always... Read more

Black Desert Online Releases Laila The Fairy & Korea Changes Preview

author image by Rapthorne | Black Desert Online News | 0 Comments | 10 Apr 2018
Laila The Fairy Goes Live April 11th In an MMO filled with death and destruction, a magical sparkling light fairy might seem a little out of place, but Laila the Fairy has come to bring light to the Desert. A... Read more

“Community Crafted” MMO Worlds Adrift Launches In May

author image by Rapthorne | Buy to Play MMORPG News | 0 Comments | 10 Apr 2018
Worlds Adrift Drifts On To Steam Early Access Self-styled "Community Crafted" MMO Worlds Adrift launches to early access to Steam on May 17th, according to the announcement posted on their Official Website. The game has been in development for four years,... Read more

Bless Online Steam Release Changes Announced

author image by Rapthorne | Bless Online News | 0 Comments | 10 Apr 2018
Bless Online Has Been Revamped! In an announcement on the official website today, Bless Online developers Neowiz have given us a rundown of what we can expect to see in the Bless Online Steam version, which is coming this May,... Read more

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box, Seats of Power & Gemstore Update

author image by Rapthorne | Guild Wars 2 News | 0 Comments | 27 Mar 2018
Super Adventure Box Returns! Starting March 29th the Super Adventure Box event will return to Guild Wars 2, available until April 19th. The Super Adventure Box is ArenaNet's tribute to retro 8 bit games of old, and features a great... Read more

Win a Bless Online Steam Key & Hoodie

author image by Rapthorne | Bless Online News | 4 Comments | 21 Mar 2018
Bless Online Offering Fashion & Steam Keys In celebration of the announcement that Bless Online Is Releasing Buy To Play On Steam In May, the official Bless Online Facebook page is playing host to a give away of a Bless... Read more

Bless Online – Release Details & Your Chance To Become A Voice In The Crowd

author image by Rapthorne | Bless Online News | 0 Comments | 21 Mar 2018
Bless Online - Confirmed Buy to Play, Release Date and YOUR CHANCE to be immortalised in the game We learned a lot about Bless today through official News on the newly-launched Official Bless Online Website, including that the game will be... Read more

What Is The Best MMORPG In 2018? FFXIV, GW2, BDO, ESO, WOW – A Look At The Top MMORPGs

author image by ByteStix | Articles Black Desert Online Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Guild Wars 2 The Elder Scrolls Online World of Warcraft | 0 Comments | 13 Jan 2018
What Is The Best MMORPG In 2018? So with the new year being upon us, I believe it's as good a time as any to go through the top MMORPGs out at the moment and list my opinions on why... Read more

Bless Online Offering New Information On Dungeons

author image by ByteStix | Bless Online News | 0 Comments | 12 Jan 2018
Bless Online Offering Additional Information on Dungeons Neowiz, in their continued effort to bring Bless Online over to the West via steam has released additional information on dungeons and how players will be working together to complete them. This is... Read more

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