Black Desert Online Releases Laila The Fairy & Korea Changes Preview

Laila The Fairy Goes Live April 11th

In an MMO filled with death and destruction, a magical sparkling light fairy might seem a little out of place, but Laila the Fairy has come to bring light to the Desert.

A luck-boosting companion that’s been given a voice by the amazingly talented¬†Melissa Hutchison, Laila the Fairy can serve as a lantern in the dark, and can gain access to a variety of useful skills as she grows, including allowing players to breathe under water, instantly revive without penalties and automatically use potions at low HP. The best part is she’s unlocked through a quest, not from the item mall, so all players can enjoy Leila’s chirpy personality.

For the full details, check out This Post On The Official BDO Forums.

BDO KR Changes

The BDO KR official website has released a preview of various big changes coming to the game, including a new stat called Combat Power, a 100% success enhancement system, changing AP to work the same in PvE as it does in PvP and a large PvE balance change making many monsters stronger, but giving higher exp and better item drop rates.

For the full rundown, visit This Super Helpful Article On InvenGlobal.

Faith, Trust and....Fairy Dust?

The idea of a fully voiced companion to help you on your way through the world of BDO seems pretty awesome to me. Having only the persistently more-and-more creepy Black Spirit as a companion is a little morbid, so a sparkling fairy of joy and goodness might make things more fun.

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