“Community Crafted” MMO Worlds Adrift Launches In May

Worlds Adrift Drifts On To Steam Early Access

Self-styled “Community Crafted” MMO Worlds Adrift launches to early access to Steam on May 17th, according to the announcement posted on their Official Website. The game has been in development for four years, and in that time has had “21,271,022 bullets fired, and no less than 671,086 mantas killed”.

At the time of publishing, only the free “island creator” is available on Steam, but founders packs are available directly from the Worlds Adrift Website.

An Interesting Concept

The idea of sandbox MMOs has been around now for quite some time, but Worlds Adrift’s take on it seems quite unique.

What are your thoughts? Will you be giving this interesting game a go? I am most definitely tempted, myself.

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