Bless Online Offering New Information On Dungeons

Bless Online Offering Additional Information on Dungeons

Neowiz, in their continued effort to bring Bless Online over to the West via steam has released additional information on dungeons and how players will be working together to complete them. This is good news for players that are interested in the PvE side of things as Neowiz has up to this point released no information at all outside of a few images.

As we all know, with the exception of Black Desert Online, the vast majority of MMORPGs emply dungeons and raids – and they are a quintessential part of every single game. They generally offer players armor, weapons and items that you are unable to find anywhere else.

More information can be found over on the official Steam page, but to quickly sum up exactly what they said: Dungeons take the form of solo dungeons – dungeons that players are given the option of doing by themselves, to 10 man raids that players will be able to participate in with a large group.

Additional Information

On top of finding unique gear, you’re also able to obtain rare crops and mineral materials in the open field.

Bless Online English Release Information

Neowiz has yet to release any additional information on when the official English release of Bless will take place. They have confirmed a 2018 release, however.

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