Bless Online – Release Details & Your Chance To Become A Voice In The Crowd

Bless Online - Confirmed Buy to Play, Release Date and YOUR CHANCE to be immortalised in the game

We learned a lot about Bless today through official News on the newly-launched Official Bless Online Website, including that the game will be Buy to Play, that developers want to avoid Pay to Win, and that founders packs will be available. To make sure all details are covered, here’s the post from the official News Article

Bless Online Business Model

Q. What is Bless Online’s business model?

A. Bless Online will be an early access game on Steam, and it will be released as Buy-to-Play, meaning you will buy the game and play it as long as you want with no monthly fees.
The final price will be confirmed at a later date.

Q. Will there be an in-game store? Will it be Pay-To-Win???

A. Yes, there will be an in-game store! We will offer cosmetic equipment, skins, awesome mounts and pets, and consumables that give services and boosts, etc.
However, the items will not offer special bonuses that lead to Pay-to-Win!

Q. Will there be founder’s packs?

A. Yes, we will be offering exclusive founder’s packs to reward our community’s continued loyalty and support.
Our founder’s packs will allow you to have advanced access even BEFORE the official early access begins, and you will also get exclusive gifts depending on which pack you purchase.
The final list of founder’s pack tiers will be confirmed at a later date.

Bless Online Release

We are putting a lot of effort into the Steam version of Bless Online and we hope you will enjoy all of our work this May 2018, including localization, fun content, and better performance.

So now you know the exciting news!

May will be a big month for Bless Online, as you will be able to purchase founder’s packs and start playing Bless Online!

A voice in the crowd, literally!

In not-quite-so public news, the bless online developers are looking for people to volunteer their vocal talents to voice a multitude of different NPCs.

I really like the idea of crowdsourcing minor voices from the (future) players; It gives people within the game community a chance to actually be a part of the game they love, and how many MMORPGs have offered that sort of opportunity to people?

If my headset wasn’t so bad and my voice wasn’t so annoying, I’d be reading off every single line of dialogue for them in a heartbeat.

As of the time of posting, the announcement of the search for community voices is only up on the Bless Online Discord Server and Facebook Page

Will you be trying out to have your sultry tones added to the game? What do you think about the decision to make the game Buy to Play? Will you play Bless Online in may? Leave a comment below!

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