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Godsfall Update Coming To Tera

author image by Rapthorne | News TERA | 3 Comments | 12 Apr 2018
Godsfall Introduces New Skills and A Story Based Quest Line Godsfall is Tera's latest content update, and it introduces the new  "Apex" skills to 7 classes; Berserker, Brawler, Lancer, Warrior, Mystic, Priest and Slayer. More classes are due to get... Read more

Black Desert Online Releases Laila The Fairy & Korea Changes Preview

author image by Rapthorne | Black Desert Online News | 0 Comments | 10 Apr 2018
Laila The Fairy Goes Live April 11th In an MMO filled with death and destruction, a magical sparkling light fairy might seem a little out of place, but Laila the Fairy has come to bring light to the Desert. A... Read more

Anime MMORPG Blade & Soul Releases Automaton Assault Event

author image by Rapthorne | Blade and Soul News | 0 Comments | 09 Apr 2018
A Robot Rampage? A Cyborg Showdown? Nope, it's an Automaton Assault! Blade & Soul has announced the arrival of it's latest event content, the Automaton Assault dungeon. This 6 man dungeon can be entered by players level 50 and up and... Read more

New Expansion – The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset! – Console & PC Release Date + Features!

author image by Wigglsby | News | 0 Comments | 30 Mar 2018
Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Coming off of the popular success of its Morrowind expansion, The Elder Scrolls Online is receiving a brand new expansion titled Summerset! Summerset Isle is an island off of Cyrodiil (the main continent in ESO), the island is home... Read more

Bless Online – Release Date For The Early Access On Steam Has Finally Been Announced!

author image by Wigglsby | News | 0 Comments | 20 Mar 2018
Bless Online Early Access Release Date On Steam Is Announced Neowiz, the company behind Bless Online has announced an official release date for the early access release on Steam.  According to sources, information has been "leaked" for the popular MMORPG.... Read more

Action MMORPG TERA Releases Male Brawler

author image by Rapthorne | Action MMORPG News TERA | 0 Comments | 14 Mar 2018
The Male Brawler Has Arrived! En Masse's flagship, the action MMORPG Tera, has added a lot of classes since it's release. One of the major issues with these releases, however, is that a lot of them have been female-only. Today one... Read more

Monster Hunter: World x Devil May Cry Crossover

author image by Rapthorne | Action News | 0 Comments | 13 Mar 2018
Monster Hunter World/Devil May Cry Crossover Monster Hunter: World have released a DMC collaboration trailer on their Official YouTube Account. This appears to be in celebration of the release of the DMC HD Collection on PC, XBox One and PS4. CapCom... Read more

Soul Worker Online Region Locks After Launch

author image by Rapthorne | News Soul Worker Online | 0 Comments | 12 Mar 2018
SWO Region locks The launch of the English version of Soul Worker Online had it's fair share of issues, from server lag and crashes to experience gain problems, but now GameForge - The publisher of SWO's English servers - have... Read more

TERA Console Open Beta Information! [ PS4 – Xbox One ] – Feature Overview & Gameplay Preview!

author image by Wigglsby | News | 0 Comments | 08 Mar 2018
Console Open Beta Is Launching! New Features Added! Today I have some more amazing news on the TERA console release. With TERA’s console open beta launching tomorrow on both the Xbox one and PS4, En Masse have rolled-out a brand... Read more

Guide: How to Download & Install Black Desert Online Mobile!

author image by Wigglsby | Guide | 0 Comments | 05 Mar 2018
Black Desert Online Mobile Installation & Download Guide I played Black Desert Online Mobile a few days ago, and I was asked to make a guide on how to download and play it. Now it's not that hard to install... Read more

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