Action MMORPG TERA Releases Male Brawler

The Male Brawler Has Arrived!

En Masse’s flagship, the action MMORPG Tera, has added a lot of classes since it’s release. One of the major issues with these releases, however, is that a lot of them have been female-only.

Today one of those classes finally achieves gender-neutrality, with the release of the male Brawler class in the aptly-named “Counterpunch” patch update.

Alongside the class update, several hairstyle options have been added to the game, the Ruinous Manor dungeon has been added, and battleground leader boards have been implemented.

There are several events planned for the Counterpunch patch launch throughout March, including a free extra character slot for your male brawler if you log in to the game at any time from Tuesday 13th March to Tuesday 20th March, as well as other giveaways and a St. Patrick’s Day event.

For the full details, visit the news article of the official En Masse Tera website Here

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