Bless Online – Release Date For The Early Access On Steam Has Finally Been Announced!

Bless Online Early Access Release Date On Steam Is Announced

Neowiz, the company behind Bless Online has announced an official release date for the early access release on Steam.  According to sources, information has been “leaked” for the popular MMORPG.

Bless Online is an open-world hybrid action combat MMORPG with a heavy emphasis on storytelling, monster capturing and faction vs faction PvP with open world PvP & massive PvP battlegrounds.

It has also been rumored that Bless Online will release with a buy to play model onto steam, with early access being more of a soft launch than an actual early access as all data will remain and the duration of the early access will last 6 months.

If you’ve been following general complaints regarding the game then you’ll know combat has been a major issue for players, with people having, on quite a few occasions, criticized it for being slow, not a true action combat MMO, or just straight up boring. They’ve since tweaked the combat with multiple updates on the Korean and Japanese Rebuild servers, adding a completely new skill system; which is much easier to use and allows for some strategic combat. If you’d like a more detailed idea on what I mean, I have a dedicated video to both the skill and monster system that’s currently in place for the Korean Rebuild version which the English Steam early access release is based on, with a few tweaks here and there.

With that being said, we should all know by now that Bless Online has had its ups and downs but Neowiz seems to be taking player feedback and what they’re into consideration and are actively trying to remedy any and all problems with the game. Even going so far as to change its business model from F2P to B2P, something that was generally what players wanted, and stated as a major concern for Bless Online potentially becoming P2W.

The “leaked” release date is within May as shown in the trailer, we’ll see in the coming days or weeks if this is 100% factual.  So, while you should be getting excited – remain skeptical until an official announcement has been made on steam, or on the official Bless website that will be launching tomorrow on the 21st.

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