TERA Console Open Beta Information! [ PS4 – Xbox One ] – Feature Overview & Gameplay Preview!

Console Open Beta Is Launching! New Features Added!

Today I have some more amazing news on the TERA console release.

With TERA’s console open beta launching tomorrow on both the Xbox one and PS4, En Masse have rolled-out a brand new video showing off the console version of TERA in action.

Now the information for the TERA Console release is as follows; Prepare yourselves, guys because it’s pretty awesome! Just like it’s PC counterpart, TERA’s Console version features True action combat, unique control schemes for each class – which you can fully customize to your own preference so you can do amazing combos, an all new lock-on system to keep track of your foes and a reworked UI and inventory which will automatically group items to specific sections like weapons, armor and so on.

On top of that, they’ve added a fully-customizable Radial Menu where you can assign items, skills and emotes, as well as social features like a quick chat menu and they even have a voice chat system so you can talk with other players while you fight in raids, dungeons or just go on an adventure.

Don’t worry though,  as you can turn it off if you’d rather stay silent to those creepy strangers that you randomly hear breathing deeply – it’s kinda weird. You can even take a screenshot and broadcast your gameplay so that you can livestream on Twitch, Youtube and etc.

Well guys that’s about it for the TERA Console release and the features found within the console version of the game which are #amazing.

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