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MapleStory 2 Founders Packs On Sale and Premium Club Benefits Revealed!

author image by Rapthorne | MapleStory 2 News | 0 Comments | 17 Jul 2018
The Full Founder Findings In their latest announcement, Nexon have showcased the full contents of each of their founders packs, and also begun their Closed Beta pre-sale event where 20,000 Founders Packs will be sold, and no more until after... Read more

Maple Story 2 Pet Taming System and Enchant Changes

author image by Rapthorne | MapleStory 2 News | 1 Comment | 13 Jul 2018

In their latest producer’s blog, Nexon have revealed details on Maple Story 2’s pet taming system, as well as adjustments to the game’s gear enchanting system.

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MapleStory 2 Mushking Royale. Nexon joins the Battle Royale craze

author image by Rapthorne | MapleStory 2 News | 1 Comment | 09 Jul 2018
Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner! In their latest producer's blog, Nexon have showcased Maple Story 2 Mushking Royale, their take on the Battle Royale game type currently dominating the online gaming market. To promote the new mode, during the 2nd Closed... Read more

The Struggle To Find A Decent Anime MMORPG In Today’s Market..

author image by ByteStix | Articles News | 0 Comments | 26 Jun 2018
The Struggle To Find A Decent Anime MMORPG In Today's Market.. TERA So I'm a huge fan of Anime MMOs. I've been watching Anime and playing Anime inspired games for years. My first MMORPG was an Anime inspired MMO and... Read more

Anime MMORPG Closers Unleashes Harpy On NA Servers

author image by Rapthorne | Closers Online News | 0 Comments | 23 May 2018
Harpy Flies In To The Action Enmasse's Closers Online servers get Harpy today, the high-kicking, double jumping, acrobatic card trick enthusiast. To celebrate the rogue's release, Enmasse are holding a "leveling sprint" event. All new Harpy characters that make it... Read more

Kritika Online Releases Windhome Update

author image by Rapthorne | Kritika Online News | 0 Comments | 20 Apr 2018
Increased Level Cap, New Region, New Gear & Higher Gear Enhancement Kritika's latest update - Windhome - is now available to play, bringing with it an increased level cap - Up to 70 -, the new Windhome region and accompanying... Read more

Bless Online Steam Release Changes Announced

author image by Rapthorne | Bless Online News | 0 Comments | 10 Apr 2018
Bless Online Has Been Revamped! In an announcement on the official website today, Bless Online developers Neowiz have given us a rundown of what we can expect to see in the Bless Online Steam version, which is coming this May,... Read more

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Game Review

author image by ByteStix | Review | 2 Comments | 29 Mar 2018
Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is a 3D Anime inspired free to play mobile MMORPG set in the world of Sword Art Online - specifically, the Aincrad arc, where players are trapped inside a virtual world with no way out.... Read more

Twin Saga Game Review

author image by ByteStix | Review | 0 Comments | 28 Mar 2018
Twin Saga is a 3D fantasy MMORPG published by Aeria Games with the goal of being the spiritual successor of Aura Kingdom back in 2016. It has bright, beautiful, Anime inspired graphics, very good, faithful translations, and a large amount... Read more

Anime MMORPG Revelation Online Releases First Contact PvP Update

author image by Rapthorne | News Revelation Online | 1 Comment | 25 Mar 2018
Cross Server PvP In a move that seems aimed at fixing Revelation Online's population issues, the First Contact patch has been released. This patch introduces cross-server PvP to the game, meaning lower population servers won't struggle as much to fill... Read more

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