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WarpPortal Ends European Service

author image by Rapthorne | MMORPG News | 0 Comments | 30 Apr 2018
WarpPortal Taking It's Toys And Going Home In what many are considering a massively anti-consumer decision, WarpPortal - The publishing arm of Gravity Interactive which develops the classic Ragnarok Online and other games - have announced they will be stopping all... Read more

GameForge Announces Server Merges for TERA EU

author image by Rapthorne | News TERA | 0 Comments | 20 Apr 2018
TERA EU Mergers Announced For May GameForge - TERA's EU publisher - has announced server merges will be taking place at "the beginning of May". The following server merges are planned: 1 PvE server (EN): Sikander will be added to... Read more

Rift Prime Launch Month A “Rousing Success”

author image by Rapthorne | News Rift | 1 Comment | 09 Apr 2018
Primed for Rift Prime Rift Prime is Rift's new subscription-only server and, by Trion's account, it seems to have started off really well. According to Trion's most recent Press Release, in the first month, over 5 million quests have been... Read more

Sci-Fi MMORPG Star Trek Online celebrates “First Contact” Day

author image by Rapthorne | Free to Play MMORPG News | 0 Comments | 04 Apr 2018
The First Contact To the uninitiated of the Star Trek fandom, April 5th will be any old day, but Trekkies will know April 5th as the date of The First Contact - The day Humanity first encountered an alien race within... Read more

New Expansion – The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset! – Console & PC Release Date + Features!

author image by Wigglsby | News | 0 Comments | 30 Mar 2018
Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Coming off of the popular success of its Morrowind expansion, The Elder Scrolls Online is receiving a brand new expansion titled Summerset! Summerset Isle is an island off of Cyrodiil (the main continent in ESO), the island is home... Read more

Is MapleStory 2 Finally Coming Out In English (NA) Soon?

author image by Wigglsby | News | 0 Comments | 26 Mar 2018
Is MapleStory 2 Coming Out In English? While we did do a weekly news video just yesterday condensing most, if not all interesting MMORPG news within the week, it just so happens that a little bit more snuck out! Which... Read more

Anime MMORPG Revelation Online Releases First Contact PvP Update

author image by Rapthorne | News Revelation Online | 0 Comments | 25 Mar 2018
Cross Server PvP In a move that seems aimed at fixing Revelation Online's population issues, the First Contact patch has been released. This patch introduces cross-server PvP to the game, meaning lower population servers won't struggle as much to fill... Read more

Bless Online Launching May 2018 As Buy To Play – Win A Free Early Access Steam Key!

author image by ByteStix | News | 64 Comments | 23 Mar 2018
Bless Online Launching May 2018 As Buy To Play - Win A Free Early Access Steam Key! Bless Online Releasing May 2018 So as you're all well aware by now - or at the very least, should be, Bless Online... Read more

Win a Bless Online Steam Key & Hoodie

author image by Rapthorne | Bless Online News | 4 Comments | 21 Mar 2018
Bless Online Offering Fashion & Steam Keys In celebration of the announcement that Bless Online Is Releasing Buy To Play On Steam In May, the official Bless Online Facebook page is playing host to a give away of a Bless... Read more

Bless Online – Release Details & Your Chance To Become A Voice In The Crowd

author image by Rapthorne | Bless Online News | 0 Comments | 21 Mar 2018
Bless Online - Confirmed Buy to Play, Release Date and YOUR CHANCE to be immortalised in the game We learned a lot about Bless today through official News on the newly-launched Official Bless Online Website, including that the game will be... Read more

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