Is MapleStory 2 Finally Coming Out In English (NA) Soon?

Is MapleStory 2 Coming Out In English?

While we did do a weekly news video just yesterday condensing most, if not all interesting MMORPG news within the week, it just so happens that a little bit more snuck out! Which is of course never a bad thing, so without further ado let’s get started.

The first bit of news I’ve got that’s pretty awesome, especially for those of you who’ve played the MapleStory in the past but also for those of you that have been waiting for MapleStory 2 to finally come out in English. Now while I will point that it isn’t 100% confirmed it is likely and therefore worth mentioning.

So it’s speculated that at the Maplestory Fest on the 14th of April the MapleStory team will be doing a live Q&A session where they’ll have an exclusive announcement. That is of course not the only reason many people believes its coming out but also because Nexon America is now hiring for new testers, all of this happening not long after the game launched in China, which is going strong as mentioned by Nexon themselves.

The last reason being that in Q3 of 2017, Nexon were asked during a Q&A “is MapleStory 2 still on schedule for a “global launch?” and “The Korea version had a really strong start and then it faded after several months, then people just gravitated back to MapleStory. Has that experience trained us for MapleStory2 in China?”. to which The Nexon CEO replied with a very long statement, which at the end he states. “That’s one of the reasons why we’re excited to be launching it around the world.”

Putting everything together, it does seem like there’s a lot of things pointing to Maplestory 2 coming out in English by Nexon this year. It’s just rumors and speculation, but it’s got enough information pointing to it that I thought I’d inform you guys. I’ll shall keep you guys updated and informed with what happens regarding MapleStory 2’s English Release.

I am personally hoping that it is true that they will be announcing it’s English release as I enjoyed the Korean version and I would love to see in full English.

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