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Eternal Magic: A Brand New Upcoming 2019 MMORPG Doomed to Fail

author image by ByteStix | Articles MMORPG News | 0 Comments | 28 May 2019
Eternal Magic - A Brand New Free-to-Play MMORPG Doomed to Fail Get ready.. for an MMORPG like no other. A game so epic, so grand in scale that it looks to shake the very foundations of the genre. This is..... Read more

WarpPortal Ends European Service

author image by Rapthorne | MMORPG News | 0 Comments | 30 Apr 2018
WarpPortal Taking It's Toys And Going Home In what many are considering a massively anti-consumer decision, WarpPortal - The publishing arm of Gravity Interactive which develops the classic Ragnarok Online and other games - have announced they will be stopping all... Read more