The Best Anime Gacha Games of 2020

The Best Anime Gacha Games of 2020

Today we’re going to talk about the best Anime Gacha games currently available on mobile devices. iOS, Android, even games that’re playable via emulators.
There are a lotta mobile games out there – and I’ve thus far played through over 200 different titles for this channel and as such feel as though I’ve definitely played through 10 that I deem worthy of including in a list like this.

Now, I know some of you might disagree with one of more of these titles, but remember, this is purely subjective. So if you have your own games you’d like to point out, please go ahead and include them in a comment below!
I’d love to know why you think the game deserves to be in a list like this and would love to potentially include it in a list next time!
So with that in mind, let’s jump right in.

Genshin Impact


Let’s start this off with what is perhaps the biggest release of 2020: Genshin Impact. This is a title Mrs Stix has dedicated probably over 30 hours to since it launched on Monday, and for good reason.
The reason I’m listing this here is because it’s probably the best cross-platform game I’ve played between PC and mobile devices. Not only does it look absolutely incredible – graphically I haven’t seen a game look better, but it also plays very well.
Granted, the action combat is definitely simple, so it likely won’t appeal to a large audience interested in more complex combat systems but at the same time, mobile games aren’t known for the mechanically complex combat.
Genshin Impact provides an enormous world for players to go out and explore, has tons of content to consume, already has updates planned for the near future and has an incredibly deep, rich storyline.

Fate/Grand Order


Fate/Grand Order is one of the better RPGs out there and has what is arguably one of the better free, probably more fair Gacha systems as well.
As an RPG the game utilizes a chapter-like form of progression: Instead of providing a large open world to explore, you move through chapters and missions, unlocking new levels, new fights and the potential for new characters.
There’s a very deep story present in-game, with probably more story than I’ve seen in a mobile game – no joke, I’ve mentioned having to skip bits of it in the past due to how much there is. Which is more than fine, granted, as storytelling is important! As is learning about the world that you currently occupy.
Combat is also pretty good – there isn’t any auto-combat from what I recall, with players having to select what types of attacks you want to use and then attempting to chain them together.
Plus if you’re a fan of the Fate series.. this’ll probably be a solid title to try.

Azur Lane


Azur Lane isn’t your typical chapter-based RPG, instead, while yes there are definitely chapters and missions per chapter, each mission sends you off onto a large grid where you can move both horizontally and vertically doing battle with various enemies, with the ultimate goal appearing towards the end of the mission.
This adds a little flavor to what would otherwise be very similar to the vast majority of games that already exist with this style.
But the bulk of the game takes place in combat – where you move your “ships,” which are the Waifu’s you collect around kind of like a bullet hell game, attempting to avoid enemy fire while dishing out attacks of your own in an attempt to sink their battleships.
Yes, I’m being 100% serious. And it’s actually a lotta fun, probably one of the games I invested more time into on this channel.

Exos Heroes


Exos Heroes is one of the better games out there. It’s highly reminiscent of an older JRPG – with players capable of running around the large over-world, between different areas, different zones, taking part in combat and exploring what the world generally has to offer.
As it’s an RPG you can bet there’s a lot of story – and there’s a lot, no kidding. While I never had to skip any of it, it’s worth noting that the story was actually very well done, with a lot of voice acting and surprisingly a lot of humor.
There are chapters to progress through, but they’re handled a little differently to how chapters are handled in normal mobile games. And the combat? The combat is really, really good.
It’s turn-based, with players selecting their abilities ahead of time and cycling through attack animations until one side – either you, or the enemy, are ultimately dead.
And the abilities look damn good – these are graphics – animations I didn’t expect to see in a turn-based RPG like this and honestly, I didn’t expect this game to be like this at all. I was pleasantly surprised and played through quite a bit of it.



I never actually played Arknights. Mrs Stix wanted to try it out earlier this year because she heard good things about it and she ended up ultimately having a lot of fun, and said that if I were going to do a video like this, it definitely deserved to be included, as it’s by far one of the only mobile games she’s enjoyed.
As you’d expect, there are chapters, missions, and a story to progress both. However the bulk of the game takes place in combat, which takes the form of a grid that you’re capable of deploying units to and engaging enemies on. Think Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics I guess, but more in real time.
There’s a lot of grind to it, but from what I saw Mrs Stix actually unlocked quite a few characters – both male and female, without spending a single cent, and she was of the opinion that the Gacha system wasn’t bad at all. Maybe not good, but definitely not bad.
I mean can you name a Gacha game with a good Gacha system present?

Lord of Heroes


Lord of Heroes is definitely a newer title, and I swear mobile games are actually continuing to get better over time.
Lord of Heroes is the first and only type of game of its kind I’ve found: Not only is it absolutely beautiful, by far one of the best looking games on mobile devices right now, but it’s a tactical RPG like Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors.
There are chapters and missions, sure, but your ultimate goal is to progress horizontally across the map, conquering and forging alliances with other regions. This can drastically alter the outcome of your game depending on what course of action you choose to go with.
It also affects which characters you can potentially recruit. While a lot of the game definitely takes place in combat, thankfully the combat itself is very well done. Visually it’s beautiful, with stunning backdrops and gorgeous attack animations.
It’s also turn-based, which is something I prefer my RPGs to be. There’s also quite a deep story to progress through that furthers the game, which once again, has us, the ruler of our own nation seeking to dominate the rest of the country.

King's Raid


This is the ONLY game I’ve ever made it to endgame in on mobile devices. I hit Chapter 9 shortly before Chapter 10 was released, and my god did it take a while.
Which was perfectly fine, honestly – I love the fact that it has such a detailed story that spans so many chapters and is still updated so thoroughly years after it released.
This is a gorgeous game with an equally, if not better combat system than its graphical style.
While you can definitely allow for the game to auto-play for you, you can – it’s not going to be possible to take a hands-off approach to progression as unless you’re adequately CCing bosses, and utilizing your kit to your utmost, you’re likely going to see yourself failing quite quickly.
Combat is real-time, with your characters running horizontally to engage enemies, and the ability to click through abilities on a global cooldown.

Epic Seven


I’ve only ever played Epic Seven through once and I didn’t get nearly as far as I perhaps should have, but it remains, in my opinion, one of the best looking games I’ve ever played on my phone – and that is purely due to the fact that the character models look absolutely, undoubtedly, unquestionably.. amazing.
At its core it’s about what you’d expect: You have chapters, you have missions, you run them as you normally would. There’s a pretty good story to it from what I could tell and ultimately, there is plenty to do and plenty to explore. The combat is also very, very good.
You have the option on fielding several characters at once, each with their own abilities that you’re capable of cycling through.
Combat animations, and even the in-game character models both look great – and the majority of the game seemingly takes place running horizontally for the plot, for the missions you take.

Honkai Impact 3rd


Honkai Impact 3rd, much like Genshin Impact, is one of the better titles on the platform. Not only are characters absolutely gorgeous, not only is the world stunning to look at, but it also had some of the best combat in the genre.
And honestly, even after Genshin Impact launched.. my opinion remains much the same. Honkai Impact has much better combat than Genshin Impact and still has some of the best combat I’ve played through in an Anime game. Better than a lot of PC titles, even.
Much like the majority of RPGs, Honkai Impact has various chapters and missions to progress through, unlocking new areas, new story, new characters.
Thankfully though, the missions you go on normally involve having you run through various zones, each filled with a plethora of monsters to kill and puzzles to solve. I’d honestly classify it closer to something like a hub-RPG than anything, but that’s just me.

Girls' Frontline


And finally.. Girls’ Frontline, yet another interesting take on the RPG genre. One of the best parts of this game is that as your characters take damage, their gear continues to progressively break down further and further, until.. well.
You’ll have to play the game to really get a proper gauge of how good, or bad – depending on how you look at things – it gets.
This is a very addictive game though, as while yes it utilizes chapters and missions, the bulk of the game takes place on large maps that allow for you to move around, either fighting enemies or collecting goodies.
Combat is pretty basic: Your characters auto-fight enemies, and you have the option of selecting from a unique skill specific to each character, making it integral to set up your parties correctly, as I’ve lost battles more than once because.. well I just wasn’t very good at the game.

And they’re what I believe to be the top Anime Gacha games currently available in 2020 out of the hundreds of games I’ve played. That might change next year when more games actually come out.
But they’re purely subjective after all. What is your favorite Anime Gacha game, or rather, what are your favorite Anime Gacha games? Let me know down in the comment section below – it might help a few people out if they’re unhappy with my list!

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