Lord of Heroes – 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

Lord of Heroes - 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

So today I got something cool to talk about: Lord of Heroes, an upcoming Mobile RPG launching globally on September 7th. And before you guys say anything – this is one of the few mobile games where genuinely said “wow” after playing through it.

Alright, now let’s jump into the game and what to expect from it.
This isn’t your typical RPG. Instead, where most titles have you take on the role of an unassuming hero who’s destined to save the world from whatever evils threaten to destroy it, in Lord of Heroes we’re a spunky, sassy monarch who’s attempting to conquer and revolutionize what’s left of the world.
Going to war with other regions. Forging alliances with other rulers. Maybe breaking those alliances, stabbing the rulers in the back, and overthrowing them, adding the new land to your own.
Which is part of the appeal of the game to me. This is something I’d never experienced in a mobile title before and I’ve put in several hours straight into playing to not only increase my selection of available knights, but to also look at all of the diverse back-drops they have.

So, after creating your character you’re thrown directly into a battle with people who refuse to acknowledge your claim as Lord of Avalon.
You quickly dispose of them with your knights – which let me tell you, there are quite a few of. And they look fantastic – I’m not often impressed with how characters look outside of their portraits in mobile games but man this is done right.
You’re given your first glimpse of the turn-based combat style, and honestly? Other than the enemies seeming a little easy, the combat was really well done.
You’d select your abilities from the bottom of your screen ranging from single-target to AoEs to ultimate-like abilities and absolutely destroy the enemies, with boss enemies possessing the same abilities in turn and actually posing a threat to you.
Although you weren’t able to merely spam your OP abilities, and thus had to plan your attacks out so you had specific AoEs when necessary. Which I learned the hard way during a boss fight at one point.

Speaking of battle and the knights you get to control during it, I found it interesting that they aid you in your political decisions outside of combat.
During the story, they provide options on whether to seek out a peaceful alliance with a kingdom, or to instead raze it to the ground, destroying everything and taking the land by force.
If you know me you know I took every opportunity I could to try and force them to bend the knee – you could say I was the Khaleesi of this game, but surprisingly they put up resistance. I offered them plenty, too! Fresh cookies on the regular! And they still turned it down. Who does that?
But yes, there is a large map that shows all of the different regions spread throughout the land. Each has their own ruler, including the region to the far East who I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume is our enemy. They look like bad guys with their shadowed out portraits.

So, the overall purpose of the game is to try and bring the entire land under your control. Either peacefully or by force, all the while amassing an army that is large enough – powerful enough to combat the power to the East that threatens your rule.
On the way you meet plenty of new characters, both allies and heroes that would become your knights. You can level them, you can equip them with epic gear, upgrade them, their skills – there’s a lot of customization and control over your heroes.
An interesting thing worth noting is that you play as the ruler of these knights, and as such you don’t actually participate in combat yourself. While you do in fact control your knights, it’s unique that your character – the person you occupy gives orders and.. well, isn’t special in any way, really.
That’s a spin on the genre I’m not used to and I can happily say that I’m glad to see a narrative from a different perspective for a change.

Lord of Heroes is a beautiful 3D Anime RPG. Seriously, you cannot honestly look at this game and say this is anything other than beautiful on your mobile device.
It has a great turn-based combat system, has very flashy, smooth special effects in combat, has really high quality character models – both in battle and in cutscenes, has an interesting story that is well translated and an engaging domination/conquer system.
That wasn’t what I was expecting to see when I played through the game, but hey, there are a few mobile games out there that are just.. good, fun and interesting, you know? This is one of those fun titles.

Again, if this is something you’d be interested in trying, then go right ahead and click that link in the description and pinned comment below to pre-register or download the game!

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