Is Genshin Impact Pay to Win? WE SPENT $200!

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I’ve heard a lot of people claiming Genshin Impact is pay-to-win due to its Gacha system – the system that allows for you to roll for one of a variety of different characters and weapons.
However at the same time, I’ve noticed that there are ample ways to go about obtaining the currency with which to actually go about rolling.
Many players have repeatedly made new accounts to attempt to circumvent limitations imposed on them and their ability to obtain the characters they want, but let’s be honest here: It doesn’t matter what type of party you use, the game is completely doable with any team.
I’m not kidding, you can completely ignore obtaining any characters outside of the story and you’ll have absolutely no trouble with the game. I’m not saying the game is too easy – but enemies are, for the most part.
And without any form of competitive content in the game right now.. is the game pay-to-win? And if so, how much would you need to spend to actually get ahead?

Mrs Stix spent $200 on rolling for characters and weapons. She had some bad luck, definitely, but this should serve as a warning for players: Don’t waste your money on the game. There’s no need to and it’s a waste of time.
You can accomplish every bit of content that is currently available with any selection of characters. The difference that new characters provide is insignificant to you as a solo player: They might have a bit of an easier time playing their game in their world, but at the end of the day.. this is, for the most part, a solo game.
And as such, even if there is pay-to-win present, it will in no way affect you or anyone you play with.

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    Oct 3, 2020 @ 23:10 pm

    […] Articles Is Genshin Impact Pay to Win? WE SPENT $200! […]

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    NeoReaper82 Reply
    Oct 5, 2020 @ 0:27 am

    There is no PvP so of course it’s not P2W. It’s pay to progress.

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