Exos Heroes is a Brand New, Exciting RPG

Exos Heroes is a Brand New, Exciting RPG

I played Exos Heroes for a few hours and what I experienced was quite the ride.
Before we go any further, though, I’d like to preface this video by stating that this is probably one of the better RPGs I’ve played on mobile devices. You’ll need to sit through the entire thing to know why that is.

So, let’s talk about the game.
Exos Heroes is a brand new RPG – it just launched over here in the West and already has a ton of players in-game playing.
I’d had 2 games requested of me all month, and this was one of them. And trust me, I can see why that’s the case after playing through for the first few hours.
This is a hero collector at its core, providing players the option of recruiting over 200 unique heroes – but at the same time it’s one of the most non-linear feeling RPGs I’ve ever played on my phone.
See, traditionally the RPGs you play take place in a menu: You select something like “Battle” and go directly into a Chapter or Level, fight a monster or group of monsters, and then go back to the menu screen.
In Exos Heroes however, while there’s a menu for upgrading your heroes, summoning new ones, equipping gear and overall managing your group, the majority of the game takes place in the over-world.
Much in the way of older JRPGs – which you’ll notice as soon as you gain access to the over-world map, you possess the ability to freely traverse a large map, with towns, dungeons, monsters, bosses and more all accessible by simply exploring.
This type of exploration, this type of freedom is something so rare I’ve come to learn in mobile games. So being able to have the kind of freedom to run around and grind monsters on the map, and actually explore the world we’re living in is extraordinary.
But the over-world isn’t the only thing we get to explore, nope! See, after the intro, you gain access to the very first town.
In that town, interestingly enough, we’re given access to a variety of new features such as Alliances, Events and Mini Games. We’re also fully capable of seeing other players run around which I’ll be the first to admit I did not expect.
I’m unsure of how many Mini Games there are in total, but the one I did play had me attempting to recruit as many heroes as I could without hitting any obstacles. And obviously I did incredibly, as you’d no doubt expect from someone of my caliber.

But the world and exploration are just one aspect of this game, right? There are so many other things we need to talk about.
One of the most important facets of what makes or breaks a game is its combat. Combat is an integral part of every game and ultimately determines how much enjoyment you get out of the time you spend in-game.
I have always and likely will always be an ardent fan of turn-based combat in my RPGs. Not in MMOs, but definitely in my RPGs. It just brings me back to a time in my childhood where I’d sit there with a bag of chips, a soda or 3 and burn through the entire day grinding to beat that impossible boss encounter.
So I was glad to see that Exos Heroes employs a turn-based combat system as well.
While the system itself is pretty traditional, it does make use of a unique “Guardian Stone” mechanic, where each enemy has an elemental affinity, in essence, and each of your own heroes has an elemental affinity that is either stronger, or weaker to the enemy type.
If you match up correctly, you’ll “break” the enemy, which immobilizes them temporarily and increases the damage they take until they’re unbroken. This adds additional layers of strategy to fights as you’ll continue to encounter additional enemies with an increasing number of Guardian Stone’s.
At one point I was fighting an enemy that had 3, so I had the option of either having all 3 of my characters attack him, and leaving the trash mobs to attack my party, or instead to attack the trash mobs and allow him to freely smash my heroes.
I felt as though giving the boss free reign over beating me up was not the ideal route to take since he would likely hit significantly harder than the normal trash monsters, so I opted to have all 3 heroes break him, leaving him not only vulnerable, but also unable to really do anything.
This way I could also focus on the other targets and re-focus him when he recovered.
So while you could no doubt zerg the boss if you wanted to, and this is likely to work against lower level bosses and encounters, it’s definitely a smarter option to think things through, especially considering there are often multiple waves of enemies to combat successively.

So, we covered the world, we covered the combat.. oh right, the graphics. How could we forget that. Now, I’m not too picky when it comes to graphics in games but I know a lot of people are, especially when it concerns recruiting your very own harem of Waifu’s.
It is with that knowledge, that responsibility.. that I can safely assure you guys.. there is nothing to be disappointed with here in Exos Heroes. The characters look astounding. Very rarely do we get characters that look this impressive in a mobile game and I was taken aback by what I got to experience.
When I first saw the cutscene, I was sure the graphics would look quite a bit different in-game but cutscenes, combat, the characters, the world, everything about this game really looks and feels top-tier.
Even when you’re left roaming the world map, the game captures a story-book-esque feel and it left me wanting to invest more time into it than I probably should have.
And don’t get me started on how good combat looks and feels. Man some of the special effects feel like they’re out of a console game.

Exos Heroes also has a very large emphasis on story. You begin the game with a cutscene that sets the tone for the entire game. You unlock new areas, new characters, new functions and features by progressing through the game.
If you’ve ever watched a video of mine then you’d know that story is a focal point of what grips me and holds my attention in a video game. If the story is lacking, my attention will be as well.
Thankfully, the comical plot kept me plenty entertained, and having the game available in various languages – yes, you can even opt to have the game with an English dub made it that much more enjoyable.

Seriously, Exos Heroes is an incredible quality new Mobile RPG. This is the kind of game I didn’t expect to see – to be able to experience on my phone and I’m glad I had the opportunity to test this out in the games infancy.
This is an absolutely beautiful game. Being given the freedom to explore a large, open world map that takes you back to the days when this was the norm in JRPGs is an incredible throwback. This is something sorely missing from the genre today.
The graphical style is something that other titles should aspire to. Having this quality in cutscenes is one thing, but having them in towns, in battle – this is something I rarely see done.
The combat is unique enough that it warrants forethought – it requires you think about your actions as opposed to allowing the game to auto-play because let me assure you, you’ll end up wiping against more difficult bosses if you don’t pay attention.
And to top it all off, you get a giant airship that provides the ability to not only aid you in exploration, but also acts as a hub for you and your heroes.
I can understand why so many of you wanted me to try this game out. It truly has been a marvel to play through thus far and if you haven’t taken the time to play it, I urge you to. You really are missing out on the opportunity to try out a fantastic new RPG.

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