Aion: Heart of Frost Update Going Live January 10!

Aion: Heart of Frost

NCSoft just announced that they are going through with the release of their next major update for Aion, titled: Heart of Frost. It is confirmed to be hitting the official game’s servers on Jaunary 10, 2018.


The Heart of Frost update takes players back to the Abyss Core and Diving Fortress, ready to take the fight directly to Ereshkigal’s forces – where they are currently residing, and growing in number. Players are tasked with reclaiming the Divine Fortress and driving back the advancing icy army.

New Content

NCSoft have detailed two separate additions to the update thus far.


The first being Mirash Sanctum, where Harvesters are attempting to experiment with Drana in an attempt to resurrect Ereshkigal’s fallen troops.

Frozen Monolith


The second being the Frozen Monolith – where a rumor is going around regarding a powerful guardian that could potentially be linked to Ereshkigal’s influence in the Abyss.

More Information Is On Its Way

NCSoft went on to further mention that this is only a small amount of what the new Heart of Frost update has to offer its players. They will continue releasing additional information as we get closer to its official release on January 10.

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