Aion Finally Made It To The Abyss! PLUS – Aion PvP!

So we finally made it into the Abyss in Aion. It was an awesome place. We got taken around by a couple friends (sadly DoriAlex.Aion couldn’t join us since she plays Asmo) but! Nonetheless, we got to explore a ton of the Abyss which was a very pleasant experience (minus the deaths).

FINALLY.. we got into some PvP in the Abyss! Yes, Aion PvP! LOTS OF AION PVP RIGHT HERE BOYS! Cleric PvP, Chanter PvP, Templar PvP, Ranger PvP.. Tons of Aion PvP. Lots and lots of it, yes sirree. And nope we aren’t reusing “PvP” repeatedly to rank for it, what makes you think that? LOL

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    S10 says:
    GL HF to everyone else and thanks for hosting this giveaway! S10RealIGuess on Twitter...
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    Colombianbeat says:
    It's hard to buy games here in Colombia due to dollar prize. I always wanted to play ESO, first game...
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    Jim Hartsell says:
    Would love to win Ashes of Creation!...
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    MrHGoober says:
    Ashes of creation for the win!!!! Also congrats man. I cant wait for you to get to 1 mill....
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    Rayyer on the block says:
    I just hope we will get a better year then the last because we really need a at least a good year th...