Eternal Magic: A Brand New Upcoming 2019 MMORPG Doomed to Fail

Eternal Magic - A Brand New Free-to-Play MMORPG Doomed to Fail

Get ready.. for an MMORPG like no other. A game so epic, so grand in scale that it looks to shake the very foundations of the genre. This is.. Eternal Magic.
Alright, jokes aside, lemme give you a rundown of a brand new MMORPG right outta China. Eternal Magic is developed by Duoyi and is being published by 101XP.
101XP are known for.. well, browser MMOs like League of Angels and mobile MMOs like Era of Legends so you know we’re off to a good start.

Eternal Magic is set in a “huge fantasy world” with a “flexible class system” – of which it doesn’t elaborate on, “dynamic combat,” an interesting MOBA mode and “epic 80 player battles.”
The MOBA mode seems to be your traditional League mode: Move down the map, kill mobs, destroy the enemy base.
The 80 player battles are just large battlegrounds pitting players against one another. You have traditional PvP modes like Capture the Flag, Domination, and a Reinforcements mode. Then finally we have Guild Wars.

Then we have PvE.
Dungeons come in the form of Classic dungeons for all levels, Heroic dungeons for players level 60 and above, and Chaos dungeons for level 65 and over.
Then there’s everyone’s favorite: Daily quests, open-world events that randomly spawn and apparently many additional features that they’re not currently at liberty to reveal since the game has yet to even go into closed beta testing.

There are 6 unique classes to choose between: Knight, Gunslinger, Spellblade, Priest, Mage and Assassin.
It seems as though the game utilizes the holy trinity of classes: Tank/healer/DPS so that’s something to look forward to I guess.
I’ve never been a fan of the removal of tanks or healers in-game it makes for much too difficult dungeons in my opinion.

Then we have little pay-to-win cash-grabs- I mean, adorable little pets that provide players “invaluable” abilities in battle.
I’m sure we’re totally not going to have any premium quality abilities or re-roll scrolls purchaseable through the cash-shop, definitely not. Completely out of the question!
Upon reaching level 50 players will obtain their very own personal estate. You can hire slaves, have them clean your home, cook for you, send them down to your dungeon. Y’know. The usual.
Additionally, if you play with your significant other – like I play with my wife MrsStix, then you can go ahead and get married!
I’m sure it’ll be just as good as in real life. Except the cake isn’t real and we all know the cake is the real reason you get married.
Finally… and I’m- I dunno. This one was really, really weird, but supposedly, this is a female-centric feature.
Every female can upload a photo and compete for some weird “celebrity title,” with a statue of them appearing in the center of the capital city.
I’m not sure whether to be disturbed, creeped out or flattered that I could have a statue of my wife in the center of the city.

The combat, unfortunately, had the UI removed so gauging whether or not the game is action combat or tab-target was impossible, but that might be the point.
From what I could gather, however, it looked as though the game is definitely using some form of lock-on or tab-target style but again, it’s impossible to say without getting in-game to take a look.

I feel like these days we’re either getting disappointed by indie releases, getting re-releases like DK Online, Warlords Awakening and Guardians of Ember or getting asset flips like this.
I don’t mean to shit on an MMO- I very rarely do it. But this looks like absolute garbage. This is not the kind of game we should be getting in 2019.
This looks like an MMO from the mid 2000s. I get that it’s been out in China since 2016? 2017? But c’mon.. this isn’t the kind of game we’re going to see succeed over here in the West.
Look at every re-release that has launched in recent memory. Look at every MMO that has launched in recent memory. The last successful free to play MMO was Blade & Soul, and it’s been years since we’ve had anything come close.
Cash-grabs like this are a waste of time. There might be a few of us interested in it, sure, but that interest will dry up very, very fast.
Eternal Magic looks very dated, the combat looks slow and clunky and the game is heavily pay to win in China. That is not the recipe for success.

Regardless, Eternal Magic will be going into Closed Beta testing later this year so if any of you guys want to try the game out, you can purchase- yes, purchase an Early Access pack that will guarantee access to the game and a head-start.

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