Wuthering Waves Pre-Registration

Wuthering Waves Pre-Registration

Kuro, the developers behind the incredibly popular Punishing Gray Raven released 2 trailers on May 28th – 1 fully cinematic trailer, and 1 actual in-game trailer for their upcoming open-world Anime RPG “Wuthering Waves.”

Wuthering Waves is a game that many players are claiming will be the direct competition for Genshin that it so desperately needs. Wuthering Waves and Arknights: Endfield are two of the most promising Anime RPGs in 2022/2023.

Imagine having a game that looks like this: Arguably some of the best graphics on the platform, with combat that is better than Punishing Gray Raven (hard to believe, I know,) and an immense, open-world like Genshin Impact or Breath of the Wild?


Pre-register for Wuthering Waves

Are you looking to pre-register for Wuthering Waves? Kuro have confirmed a Closed Beta in the future, and given how far along the development process we already are, it’s likely they’ll open pre-registration very soon. There is no confirmed release date for Wuthering Waves yet, but Kuro are anticipating a 2022 release of some kind (likely Closed Beta,) so check back often for your chance to participate!

  • author image
    Rey Balolot Reply
    Jun 2, 2022 @ 23:06 pm

    Look’s good

  • author image
    Andre Raffington Reply
    Jul 13, 2022 @ 18:38 pm

    This looks incredible!!!!

  • author image
    Quinx Reply
    Jul 19, 2022 @ 8:17 am

    Hope it has a pc version

  • author image
    Anonymous Reply
    Aug 16, 2022 @ 4:57 am

    I just wanted to say that after watching the open-world gameplay, I would suggest not placing enemies at random. It should feel like a breathable world so if an area is overrun with enemies explain that in the story. You could even make it simple and have the antagonist organization have bases and that will be the location of world mobs and loot. Another is that the combat is more fluid when facing off against one opponent as seen with the tutorial boss. I would love to see a game have a bunch of different single bosses to farm rather than endless small enemies that rarely attack. Just some suggestions since I am very excited about this game based on the known mechanics and aesthetics. I hope that they can create a game that is unique (already doing a wonderful job) and is not lacking in the same areas as other RPGs. Also, BIG THING, have the important characters save us or hurt us personally so that there is an attachment to the events of the story. If it just affects the world it’s not as immersive.

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