Wuthering Waves Closed Beta

Wuthering Waves Closed Beta

Wuthering Waves is a brand new open-world Anime-inspired action-combat RPG from the developers of one of 2022’s most popular Anime RPGs: Punishing Gray Raven.

Kuro released 2 brand new trailers to get future players excited for Wuthering Waves. 1 cinematic trailer and 1 in-game trailer, showcasing enemies, environments, monster types, the action combat and much more.

Many players are already touting this as the “Genshin Killer,” before the game has even held a Beta test – or previewed more than a single in-game trailer (lasting 50 seconds, mind you.)


Wuthering Waves Closed Beta

Wuthering Waves have confirmed they are looking to hold a Global Closed Beta at one point in the future.

They will be opening pre-registration for Wuthering Waves when the Closed Beta officially opens. What is the release date for Wuthering Waves? Not definitively confirmed at present, but it looks to be moving towards a potential test phase (likely Closed Beta,) of some kind within 2022.

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    jkgaming_93 Reply
    Jul 4, 2022 @ 5:16 am

    Hope for a positive response. Really want to test the game. Im a little spanish streamer on twitch

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