Tower of Fantasy Release Date? A Brand New Upcoming Cross-Platform Anime MMORPG

Tower of Fantasy: A Brand New Upcoming Cross-Platform Anime MMORPG

We got a brand new competitor to Genshin Impact and Blue Protocol: Tower of Fantasy. Nobody has covered this. Nobody has talked about this. Almost nothing about this game is known.

If you watched the trailer, then you’d be well aware that Tower of Fantasy, also referred to in China as Phantom Tower is a very story-centric game.
It’s unconfirmed currently whether this is going to be an MMO or not. Some people are claiming it’s an open-world MMORPG, while others are claiming it’s an open-world co-operative action RPG.
So realistically, at this point, the game could be either a competitor to Blue Protocol OR Genshin Impact, depending on which ends up ultimately being true.

And honestly, regardless of what it ends up being, this game looks interesting enough to play. The graphic style is very Anime inspired, with people in the trailer comment section claiming it reminds them heavily of Honkai Impact.
Which I guess I can kind of see – especially considering they’re both Chinese developed titles. The combat is action-oriented. They had the UI disabled so it wasn’t possible to get an accurate gauge on exactly how it’s going to function, but it looked pretty fluid, kind of reminiscent of Soul Worker, if you’ve played it.
The game is supposedly going to provide a lot of real-world interaction in the form of climbing, gliding, shooting, igniting, rolling, impacting and even destroying parts of the environment.
There won’t be any classes in-game, instead, you’ll actually have access to a variety of different skills that are altered depending on what weapon you have equipped, meaning that you essentially fill the role of any and every class. Sounds like a lotta fun, right?
They plan to have puzzle solving, and, in their own words – and I quote here, “extreme-mode challenges” to make certain there’s enough challenge for players.

Tower of Fantasy Release Date?

And.. that’s pretty much everything we know so far. Or, almost. Whoops. Almost forgot platforms and release information. Currently, the game is going to be released within China cross-platform between PC and Mobile devices, much like Genshin Impact and Gran Saga.
Whether you can log in to the same account cross-platform is another question all together, though. As for when the game is going to release?
Currently, they have pre-registration open and available for players that are interested, which means the game isn’t too far off from release. Within China, anyway.
Whether we’ll get this in the West remains to be seen, but much like Genshin Impact, Gran Saga and Blue Protocol, it’s worth keeping an eye on because this looks like an absolute blast to play.

What is the Tower of Fantasy release date in China? It doesn’t seem likely we’ll receive a 2020 release, as such, Tower of Fantasy is expected to release in 2021.

To begin the registration process for Tower of Fantasy, you’re going to want to navigate on over the guide we have by clicking the button below.

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