Tower of Fantasy Receives Mass Graphical Overhaul

Tower of Fantasy Receives Mass Graphical Overhaul

If I wasn’t excited for the upcoming Tower of Fantasy Anime MMORPG before.. you can bet I most definitely am now.

Hotta Studio, the developers behind the upcoming Tower of Fantasy Anime MMORPG have revealed a brand new overhauled game for players to get excited over in the form of a teaser trailer.

In the trailer we were shown before and after shots of various different features and areas. We got to see character models, character animations (in the form of running, jumping, climbing etc.,) we got to see the new and improved gameplay (in the form of combat and abilities,) we got to see new environments, the new vibrant color palette they seem to be utilizing and so much more.

While Hotta have yet to reveal why specifically they felt the need to overhaul so much of the game, it’s worth noting that many players should appreciate the effort as the game went from feeling like a mobile game on PC to a game much closer to Genshin Impact – with the massive UI overhaul making the game look substantially higher quality.

We’re still not entirely certain of the Tower of Fantasy release date, but if all goes well it should be some time this year in 2021. Regardless, this is an Anime MMO that I cannot wait to get my hands on as it looks absolutely incredible. Like the MMO Genshin Impact should have been.

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