Subverse Updates Going Into 2020

Subverse Updates Going Into 2020

When I did my first Subverse video I never expected it to ride on up to over 500,000 views.
I figured you know what? Some people might be interested in this. I thought maybe a few thousand people would watch it but otherwise it would fade into memory as rapidly as I thought the video up.
But here we are, half a year later, half a million views later, doing a follow-up on how Subverse is doing, because I know you’re all plenty curious.

For those of you that are new to the game, Subverse is not in any way an MMO – nor does it have any form of multiplayer planned – instead, it’s a mashup of both the SHMUP and RPG genres.
It’s being built as an old-school style RPG that has you navigate the galaxy looking for loot, as you’re the captain of a band of sky pirates or bounty hunters… or both. I don’t remember.
You seek out and recruit additional crew members – ranging from Humans, Androids and even Aliens to populate your numbers because you know.. flying around the galaxy alone is kinda boring.

Now that you’re all caught up – let’s talk about how the game has been coming along. Back in August they announced there would be a closed beta at the end of September for Kickstarter backers that had backed more than $80.
The beta itself featured the tutorial and first mission of the game, allowing you to play through hours of SHMUP gameplay – of which people seemed to be relatively pleased with.
There were over 3,000 total participants during the beta and a small handful of those beta testers had issues with the game.
The beta, surprisingly, was announced to continue running with additional content and features added independantly throughout additional phases of development.

There are a plethora of Milestones placed up on their Kickstarter page, of which one of the lowest tier stretch goals features Taron, everyone’s favorite Neko girl.
Full details on her backstory, personality and how she’s going to interact with you as the captin can be found on their official Kickstarter page or their official website, but suffice it to say, she’s a naive, innocent little kitty.
Taron isn’t all though, as several goals further down was Squirgirl. Iunno why that was the name they opted for but hey.. maybe she’s related to Squidward.
Squidgirl or the Huntress as she likes to be called is the #1 bounty hunter in the galaxy. Her next target? Us. Which should be fun, considering she’s never failed to nail a target.
Finally, the last stretch goal I’ll discuss is their $750,000 one – regarding their official Manga.
According to their Kickstarter announcement in specific, they’ve hired several Mangaka to produce the Manga for Subverse which will allow them to expand on stories, much darker stories that they weren’t able to tell in-game.
That’s exciting. I love when studios have people either animate, draw or write additional stories to expand on the lore or characters found within games. It’s a nice little touch that shows that they care about the world they’ve created.

Then the final bit of information comes in two forms: What would a galaxy be without a ton of planets to explore, right? And worse yet, what purpose would planets serve if they were empty, void of any life or loot?
Thankfully, the devs are well aware of this and went on to announce their plans for the future of the galaxy – that they’re currently working on not only implementing planets to explore, but also loot tables as well!
Then comes the new model for Empress Celestina – who actually looks freakin’ epic by the way, and the finished Mantics – pets that the player can breed and evolve. Yeah…

And that’s about it.
Unfortunately it doesn’t look as though we have a confirmed release date for the official version of the game, which is honestly a shame because I know a lotta you are interested in it.
Guys and girl alike, if the comment section of my last video is to be believed.

But seriously, Subverse looks like it’s gonna be a really wild ride. The development team behind the game are putting a ton of work into it and it really shows.
I’m excited for the game – it blends both the Shoot ’em up and RPG genres together while simultaneously making a game that’s targeted at adults instead of worrying where that’ll ultimately get them.
When Subverse finally releases you can bet your ass I’m gonna be playing it if only to see the kind of game they ended up making.
And considering there are going on 600,000 views for my first Subverse video, I’m gonna go ahead here and assume a lot of you are going to as well.

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    Ryumoau Reply
    Dec 6, 2019 @ 16:02 pm

    Thank you so much for covering this project. It looks great and i’m happy to see a high quality adult game being produced.

  • author image
    Henry Kong Lik Chon Reply
    Dec 16, 2019 @ 14:05 pm

    Seem fun XD

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