Mahou Arms has Changed so Much Since my Last Look

Mahou Arms has Changed so Much Since my Last Look

I HAD to do an updated video on Mahou Arms. Legit, no lie, absolutely had to.
I’m going to take a moment here to just compare the differences between the two versions of the game. The version on the left was taken from back in October 2019. The version on the right was taken from last week, where I recorded hours worth of footage of the game.
Can you see how amazing the game looks now? How much of an improvement has been made over the last few months alone?
Not only is the game significantly more stunning – I mean you can’t deny that looking at the character models of the very same character, but the combat and animations are improved to such an extent that it almost feels like an entirely different game.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. Maybe you guys don’t know what the game is, right? So before I go into the array of improvements made to the game, let me give you a quick rundown of what Mahou Arms is.
So! Much like Subverse, Wild Life, Monster Girl Island, Mahou Arms is a game aimed at players of an older demographic. The game is an action RPG combined with a dating sim, housing a variety of doll-like characters that you take control of in battle.
I’m not sure the ultimate goal of the game but from what I can tell, there are combos you can utilize much like in a Dynasty Warriors game, allowing for you to combo left-click and right-click button combinations to unleash different kinds of attacks.
While engaged in combat, and upon taking damage, your gear begins to break down. The more damage you take, the more gear you end up losing.
I made it down to 1 HP bar at a point as I was curious what would happen when I reached it and what I saw.. well. Each HP bar makes up approximately 25% of your gear. I’ll let you do the math. Suffice it to say, no expense was spared on character models.

This is always an interesting route for a game to take and definitely appeals to those of us with.. specific.. I guess the best way to put this would be.. more sophisticated, refined tastes.
The game takes inspiration from various games including NieR: Automata, Bayonetta, and Devil May Cry but from what is available to play through in-game, it’s evident which game this takes most of its inspiration from.
Now there’s a base that you’ll operate which will allow for you to deploy Magical Girls, which are the girls you play as on various types of missions.
You’ll be able to grow and train them, research new skills and gear, build and expand the headquarters, recruit new members and most importantly: You’ll be capable of taking your recruits out on dates.. which can potentially result in a certain.. mutual exchange of sorts.

So since my last time covering the game there have been several updates made.
Obviously there are the graphical updates followed by the combat overhaul which looks incredible, but there have been improvements to the UI, in-game fully rendered animated cutscenes and features like a mission selector, environmental scanner highlighting nearby chests and enemies, and a dynamic weather system.
I’ve seen several cutscenes in-game and they look good. Character models are just as good if not even better than the models you see out in the field. Plus we get close-ups of the characters and the two that we have available are both beautiful.
Honestly I look forward to seeing additional Magical Girls added added, and hope that we eventually get a proper look at the main male character that we play as in charge of everything.

Mahou Arms isn’t an MMO. I’m not sure multiplayer functionality is or will ever be a thing in the game.
It’s unlikely, but singleplayer RPGs are some of my favorite games. The game will feature mostly mission-related content in the form of story-related missions, side missions and randomly generated missions, making sure there’s always something for the player to do.
This might not be the kind of game some of you enjoy but it looks like a lot of fun. Or at the very least, looks like it could be a lot of fun down the line. It’s still in early development.
There are a few maps currently completed – but other than animations, a few available characters and a couple missions, the game is still very far from being complete.
Don’t get me wrong though, what’s currently available in-game is still very impressive, especially considering there are only what, 3 people working on the game? Mahou Arms is available via Patreon for subscribers who pay a fee, whether that be one-time or recurring.

There’s a lot of potential for the game to be incredibly successful. It looks fantastic, and plays better than I thought it would. When I first tried the game out I said it looked promising – but I never thought improvements this drastic would be made.
One thing I would really like to see though is the ability to equip and customize different outfits.
This is going to be a game played by people that likely want to heavily customize their characters and I feel as though if that option isn’t included it’ll be a missed opportunity.

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