It’s About Time I Took an Updated Look at Wild Life in 2020!

It's About Time I Took an Updated Look at Wild Life!

It’s about time I took an updated look at Wild Life. My first video is sitting at almost 250,000 views so far and I’ve had requests after doing follow-up videos on my recent Subverse and League of Maidens videos to do an updated overview of Wild Life.

So, before I get into the latest updates, allow me to quickly refresh your memory as to what Wild Life is.
Wild Life is an upcoming Action RPG aimed at adults – it currently doesn’t have a rating but honestly.. if you watch the video you’ll probably have a rough estimate as to what kind of game it’s going to be.
Although don’t get me wrong, at the same time the game is going to be heavily focused around being an Action RPG – romances and relationships are only going to be a single additional feature, not a main focal point of the game, as far as I’m aware.
The game employs an action combat system with what is likely going to be a lot of left and right-click spamming, along with dodges and parries.
I’m unsure of whether there will be skills or skill trees involved but I’m assuming that’s going to be announced further down the line. The game will also allow for player-flight. You have actual wings – yeah, we’re essentially harpies.
I’m uncertain if that means they have plans for aerial combat or want to have certain features take place in the air but it’ll make for some pretty sick aerial raids.

Since my initial video back in August, there have been a plethora of updates that have been released. That’s almost half a year worth of updates. Nevertheless, I plan on attempting to condense them into as easily a digestible form as I can.

Initially, the version of the game was very limited. Not only was there not too much to do, but there wasn’t much in the way of gameplay or information.
However, a lot of updates have been applied to the game adding in a variety of new things like whole entire zones to explore, a ton of new character animations, additional character customization options.
This includes wing customization as well. New survival elements were introduced like hunger, thirst and even a need to sleep – these I feel were desperately needed as this is essentially a survival game that lacked the necessary survival elements.
Players are also able to submerge themselves in the ocean – specifically the ocean, as that’s all I could find info on and swim.
I’m not sure if this means that there’ll be underwater combat or it’s merely intended to be a small little addition to the game to add to the sense of realism and freedom.
Ranged combat has finally been implemented, since you’ll now feel hungry the ability to cook has been introduced. You’ll find food items from looting various plants and animals.
Did I mention that there are also quests in-game? Yeah, while the game looks to be somewhat of a survival game there are going to be, regardless of how limited they might end up, functional quests in-game for players to take and complete.
Furthermore, to add on to the customization, we’ll also have the option of equipping, and therefore collecting various different outfits for our characters as well. As if we didn’t already have enough to do in-game..
The character models have come along quite a way though. I was looking at Maya and not only her new outfit, but also her character model looks incredible.
Oh, right. Did I mention that not only are we going to have quests, but there are also going to be NPCs?
So in most survival games like ARK or Rust, you exist within the game and you play with however many other players are playing on the same server as you.
However, in Wild Life while yes, the game is going to be somewhat of a survival game, you’ll be playing with NPCs as opposed to playing with other players.
Which actually I’m not sure will be an option. I don’t believe I recall reading anything about multiplayer, right? Right, yeah, unless they announce multiplayer functionality in a future update, it looks as though the game will be singleplayer.
That’s perfectly fine – who wants to play games with other people anyway, right? Pfft. Friends are overrated.

And.. that about sums up the updates over the last 5 or so months since my last video.
They have Patron-exclusive builds available for players that are subscribed to them, but also offer public builds for people interested in trying the game out with less features in the off chance that you’ll like what you see.
I’m actually going to go ahead and download the public test build soon to see if I can’t get a better gauge of what the game is like, then I’ll subscribe through Patreon to compare the differences.
Then I’ll include them in a follow-up video in a few months when I further expand on how much progress the game has made.

Honestly, they have made quite a few improvements in terms of graphics, models, animations and even the combat itself.
Just think – This all started with a team of two people. As of the beginning of 2020, they have 12 people working on the game, with 3 more being hired on once they reach their $80,000 per month goal.
Speaking of, yes, they’re currently at roughly $70,000 per month. That’s an impressive feat – as there are almost 6 and a half thousand fans backing them currently.

I know we still have a ways to go before the game launches, but I’m pretty excited to see how this progresses over the next several months.
This is a game that needs to happen. Too many people try and shut down games like this because they’re “different,” and are targeted at an audience that they deem inferior to the normal market.
I’m glad to see it moving along so well and seeing so much success.

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