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Star Wars The Old Republic Game Review

author image by ByteStix | Is It Worth Playing? Star Wars The Old Republic | 0 Comments | 24 Dec 2017
Star Wars The Old Republic Synopsis Star Wars The Old Republic is a tab target scifi MMORPG - one of the few scifi MMORPGs readily playable on the market, released to critical acclaim - then ultimately critical failure by EA games... Read more

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  • author image
    Fatezzzz says:
    GOOD LUCK!zzzzz...
  • author image
    Forrest T O'Farrell says:
    I would like a free copy of the game please. Tried to click and do all the things in the list, lol. ...
  • author image
    Sniffering says:
    I REALLY want to try this game, I have been trying mmorpgs since the past two years with no success,...
  • author image
    Micheal R Richter says:
    This looks to be a promising MMO I hope to be playing this soon saying that the MMO field has been p...
  • author image
    Mike says:
    Hopefully i can get a copy, really like how the game looks ^^...