Star Wars The Old Republic – Becoming Sith!

So we finally had the opportunity to play Star Wars: The Old Republic again and instead of continuing onwards with our Jedi characters, we were coerced into playing Sith. Not that we didn’t want to – as we chose pretty much every evil choice there was up until that point anyways. Nevertheless, 2 friends of ours, Adrienne (Avriart) and Mathumus told us “Don’t be a Jedi, pleb, roll Sith like real SWTOR players do!”

So, here we are. Playing Star Wars: The Old Republic as Sith. It’s a very different experience so far to the Jedi – which I have to say was definitely not the most entertaining to story to play through, but the Sith side; whew, this is fun!

I’m honestly not sure exactly what’s gonna happen, but if I can force choke some people and throw some others offa some cliffs I will be a happy little Sith.

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