League of Maidens 2020 Thoughts

League of Maidens 2020 Thoughts

I felt like it was time I did an update on this. I was one of the first Youtuber’s to do a video on League of Maidens and not criticize it due to the overall nature of the game.
This opened a unique door for me to have a direct link to the developers behind the game.
The first video I did on the game garnered over 320,000 views which showed not only me, but also the developers exactly how many people were interested in the unique product they’d produced.

The video at this point is over 6 months old and at the time – information on the project was very limited. With this in mind, I figured I’d do an updated video on the game to bring it to the attention of our now over 200,000 subscribers.

League of Maidens is developed by 3 people – in completely different countries.
The game is currently in Early Access via Steam, but when poked about a potential alpha or beta access date they confirmed that they are hopeful they’ll have a full beta ready by the end of this year.
However they did want to stress that this was merely “a hope,” and therefore was not in any way a confirmation.

Now in my last League of Maidens video I talked about how the game was an MMO – almost an MMORPG.
Upon further discussion and research, it turns out that a clearer classification for the game would be an “Online Role Playing Game,” with the online features allowing play with other players.
Exactly how many players is unknown to me right now as the game is expected to have quite a significant multiplayer functionality further down development.
While I have no doubt the multiplayer features will be a great addition to the game, until I get confirmation of how many players will be capable of playing together I cannot call it an MMO.
Even though I’d like to, and even though every other MMO website is labeling it as such.
The game will be completely free to play when it inevitably launches, meaning it won’t require a purchase of any kind or any form of financial investment.. unless you’re into aesthetic investments, which is where I know a lotta you guys are no doubt going to dump tons of money anyway.

Unlike most action games released today, League of Maidens is going to feature a unique blend of 3rd person action combat allowing for 360 degree land, sea and aerial movement with various types of weapon types and controls.
You’ll be able to wield long-range guns, close range weapons like swords, and you’ll be able to fully customize your character with super powers – which I probably should have lead with, that’s my bad. See, League of Maidens is a superhero-themed game.
You get to craft your own unique maiden – with probably some of the most customization I’ve ever seen in a video game, and further get to choose the kind of superpowers available to them.
This will allow you to have a very personal character with specific strengths and weaknesses.
Speaking of character creation though, from what I’ve seen personally, it’s actually ridiculous. Not only are there more options than I’ve ever seen, but the characters look amazing.
According to the devs, there are over 80 individual sliders for the face ALONE, with an additional 50+ sliders available to shape your Maiden’s body in whatever way you feel necessary, providing significant control over every aspect of your character.

Elaborating on combat, League of Maidens will provide advanced action combat that online games don’t traditionally see.
You can soar through the air, across the ocean, or y’know.. like a normal person, on land.
You’ll be capable of grappling people during flight – or super speed, you can drag people underwater while swimming. There’s a lot of depth to the combat and that further extends to the heavy use of combos.
The game will have a focus around combos, allowing you to combo special abilities together, counter enemy combos, and.. more than I can probably safely discuss here without dragging on too long.

Earlier I mentioned that I was one of the only Youtuber’s to do a positive video for the game. That is because League of Maidens has garnered a lot of attention for.. use of specific.. assets.
And by “assets” I do mean boobs. And butts. ’cause let’s be real here, the focus is most definitely.. on them.
This is further confirmed if we look at how many sliders they each get when creating your character: 11 sliders for the boobs, 9 sliders for the butt, 4 sliders for the hips, and 7 sliders for the thighs.
Yup. You guys are more than welcome for this.

Seriously, though. I played Scarlet Blade, Blade & Soul, Black Desert Online and TERA and people think that those games takes things too far in terms of what’s shown.
Yet here we have games like League of Maidens, Subverse, Wild Life, Monster Girl Island, Mahou Arms and so many more that are looking at the state of the gaming market, realizing what players want, taking advantage of that.
And good on them. The market for games like this is constantly growing, so why the hell not.

I’ve been following League of Maidens and the developers Maiden Gaming for over half a year by this point. I’m impressed with how far the game has come along, and I’m glad that I helped drive so much attention to their game.
I haven’t recorded any footage in-game yet as they’re still not ready to have the entire game made available to the public, but I’m sure with enough time they’ll have something fully playable for the entire community.
I’m excited for the game and I hope this helps provide you guys with more of a clear understanding of what the game is and what you can expect from it going into the future.
A lot of updates have taken place since my last look at the game, and I’d love to go much further into detail as to what they’re going to offer players moving forward, but that’s another video for another time.

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