Zenonia Chronobreak is a Brand New Upcoming 2023 MMORPG

Zenonia Chronobreak is a Brand New Upcoming 2023 MMORPG

World of Zenonia might sound familiar to you – Com2Us and Gamevil, known for Summoner’s War and the larger Zenonia intellectual properties respectively, was announced back in 2020. It was revealed to be an MMORPG at the time, set within the same universe as the Zenonia Mobile RPG series.
Then, in February 2023 – after years of silence, the Zenonia MMORPG received a full title – and some information. Zenonia: Chronobreak.
Interesting choice for a name, granted. But according to MMOCulture – Chronobreak actually refers to the “possibilities of the game’s adventures connecting to previous Zenonia titles, spanning multiple instances of space and time.”
A short 56 second teaser was released a week after their name reveal, including some screenshots, and a little additional information, expanding on PvP, the combat system and more.

Zenonia Chronobreak – originally known as World of Zenonia is an MMORPG featuring an extensive storyline said to encompass the entirety of the Zenonia series. We’re not talking a standalone adaptation – we’re talking an adaptation that includes story, characters, and entire plots from previous incarnations.
Chronobreak is an Anime MMORPG – but it features fully 3D graphics. Similar to the upcoming Dragon Sword title, with cartoon rendering, realistic background, and a dynamic camera view.
In total, the Zenonia franchise has been downloaded over 63 million times – so the Zenonia intellectual property is quite large, and has a lot of potential content to adapt.
This iteration of Zenonia will feature a brand new, improved “non-targeting combat system” inherited from the Zenonia action RPG.
There will be functional, massive cross-server PvP battles present in-game, but I don’t believe these will be mandatory in any way for those of you that hate PvP.
According to the studio, during internal testing, Chronobreak received great reviews – however, that’s easy to say and impossible to verify. I could, by their logic, say that this video received a 100% like ratio upon internal viewing. But those parties might’ve consisted of my wife and sister. Easily fabricated or altered.

Com2Us stated that the game is going to be releasing in the 2nd Quarter of 2023. This means around April through June. They are planning on holding a Closed Beta in the near future – so we’re going to need to keep an eye on that.
Otherwise, we’ll be able to fully play Zenonia Chronobreak in the next few months. I’m a little concerned due to Com2Us’s history with Blockchain games, but since this has been in development for years now, we might be lucky and they might’ve forgone the implementation of Blockchain.

I’m always excited for new MMOs, and more than that, Anime MMOs specifically. So this is a title that’s right up my alley.

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