Dragon Sword: The Spiritual Successor to Dragon Nest was Just Announced

Dragon Sword: The Spiritual Successor to Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest is touted as being one of the greatest PvPvE MMORPGs in the entire genre. The remnants of the community – including players that quit many years ago continue to claim that no MMO does PvP better.
And while I never got to play Dragon Nest during its peak – providing me absolutely no insight into the validity of this claim, I can attest to the game being a fun title with some great quality action combat.
Comparable to Black Desert or Vindictus? Hardly. But a quality system nonetheless.

So when Park Jung Sik, the CEO of Hound 13 – who was also responsible for Dragon Nest revealed his studio’s latest game, titled Dragon Sword to the world with a full trailer, players lost it.
This is the spiritual successor to Dragon Nest – an MMO that has been in a stagnant stage for more than a decade. With some of the best looking combat in an Anime game, and multiplayer comparable to an MMO?
But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at it yourself.

Little is known about the game currently.
Is it an MMO? We sure saw a whole lotta players running around the large world together engaging enemies, running dungeons and raids. If not, is it going to offer a multiplayer experience that more closely resembles Dragon Nest, SoulWorker or PSO2? That, unfortunatley, is unconfirmed.
The game is labeled as an online action role-playing game – sharing the same term as Lost Ark and Blue Protocol. But also as Genshin Impact.

We know the game is going to launch cross-platform, much like Genshin, Tower of Fantasy and Wuthering Waves, on PC, Android and iOS devices. Will this inhibit the game? Possibly.
But given the quaklity of games of this specific type, it’s unlikely. This game looks gorgeous and definitely looks like it has exceptional quality combat. Which is to be expected given the studio behind it.

Unfortunately there is no confirmed release date for Dragon Sword as of January 2023. They also haven’t confirmed whether the game is going to have a simultaneous Global launch.
Will it be releasing Globally? It should be. More details about its Beta and full release will be made available as the year goes on I assume.
My hope is that it’s a true, full MMO but at the same time it probably won’t end up being. I can only hope, though.

  • author image
    Yassin Elidrissk Reply
    Jan 20, 2023 @ 19:49 pm

    Hey, is it any new informasjon of the game?

    • author image
      ByteStix Reply
      Jan 20, 2023 @ 20:21 pm

      Yes! I have a new video coming soon!

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