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MU Legend Is Coming To Steam!

author image by ByteStix | MU Legend MMORPG News | 0 Comments | 22 Jul 2018
MU Legend Is Coming To Steam! Webzen have recently revealed plans to release the dungeon-crawler MMO MU Legend onto Steam. While they didn't have a set date for the game, they do plan to release it sometime during August. Now,... Read more

MU Legend Game Review

author image by ByteStix | MU Legend MMORPG Review | 2 Comments | 01 Jun 2018
Alternate Title: MU2 Developer: Webzen Publisher: Webzen Type: MMORPG Model: Free-to-play Platform: PC Engine: Unreal Engine 3 PvP: Arenas, Guild vs. Guild PvE: Challenging Dungeons, Boss Raids, Monster Hunting Quests MU Legend Review - Is It Worth Playing? Mu Legend... Read more

MU Legend Announces Faction Wars Update On January 9, 2018

author image by ByteStix | MU Legend MMORPG News | 1 Comment | 07 Jan 2018
MU Legend Announces New Faction Wars Feature Webzen announced earlier this month that they will be lauching a new update, titled Faction Wars, for their recently released MU Legend MMORPG. New Content Added In Faction Wars The Faction Wars update... Read more

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