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Granado Espada M Could be a Really Good Mobile MMORPG!

author image by ByteStix | Articles Granado Espada MMORPG News | 2 Comments | 10 Apr 2020
Isn't it About Time we Got an Official Pokemon MMORPG? I feel like at one point in time I've talked about this. It was probably on the main channel honestly, as I've covered Granado Espada on various occasions. However, back... Read more

Granado Espada – You Guys Gotta Check This MMORPG Out!

author image by ByteStix | Games Granado Espada MMORPG | 0 Comments | 24 Apr 2017

Holy.. We did not expect Granado Espada to be this good! I will admit going into the MMORPG I didn’t expect a lot. I saw the graphics at the beginning and I thought “Whoa, this reminds me a lot of…

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