Granado Espada M Could be a Really Good Mobile MMORPG!

Isn't it About Time we Got an Official Pokemon MMORPG?

I feel like at one point in time I’ve talked about this. It was probably on the main channel honestly, as I’ve covered Granado Espada on various occasions.
However, back in November it was announced that there was a brand new Granado Espada MMORPG being developed. This is kinda exciting news – especially for those of us that have played and enjoyed the Granado Espada PC MMO.
The PC variant provided one of the most unique combat systems I’ve had the pleasure of utilizing in an MMO and I really hope that system is replicated in the mobile version.

Now if you navigate on over to Steam, you’ll see that there are two different versions of the game available to players: The version developed and published by IMC Games, and then the version that is developed by IMC and Hanbitsoft.
The reason I bring up the two companies is due to the fact that Hanbitsoft is going to be in charge of developing Granado Espada M as opposed to IMC Games. Or, rather, a subsidiary of Hanbitsoft, T3 Entertainment will be in charge of development, anyway.
While the game has continued to push out content updates on a semi-regular schedule – which is a testament to the devs and publisher behind it, I’m guessing they’re of the same opinion that many PC MMO devs are: The game would do better on mobile devices.

The game is still in the early stages of development, so currently, other than a logo for the game there isn’t any information in the way of graphics, features or even the gameplay and combat itself.
However, Hanbitsoft did make the claim that “Granado Espada M will be adapting the original game and its features to better appeal to mobile players.”
If we’re going to judge the game based off of what little information they’ve given us then it would seem as though their plan is to take the original concept for Granado Espada and turn it into what is likely more akin to an instanced RPG game with MMO elements than anything else.
While there is little revealed thus far, it was confirmed that they’re looking for a 2020 release – yes they’re actually attempting to get the game out this year in South Korea, even though they haven’t completed a functional trailer for the game yet.

The fact that we’re almost half way through 2020 and they’re claiming the game will be ready soon is a little disheartening.
I don’t have very high hopes since I’ve never been a fan of IMC Games and this is the first time I’ve heard of Hanbitsoft actually developing a game on their own but at the very least.. don’t half-ass this and rush it.
Take your time and push out something better than the trash MMOs we’ve been getting on mobile devices lately.
You could make a ton of money out of this game if you take the time to actually make it a game worth playing. There’s a lot you can do and a lot you can build on in a Granado Espada game.

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    Dale Riggleman Reply
    Apr 18, 2020 @ 6:12 am

    Download please

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    Darwin C Arao Reply
    Jun 19, 2021 @ 5:39 am

    I fear it will be another gacha game since the PC version is mostly comprised of NPC card line-ups that excels in certain stances. Being adopted to a mobile game its obvious outcome but horrific thought.

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