World of Kings is a new World of Warcraft Inspired Mobile MMORPG

A week doesn’t go by where I don’t receive requests to cover World of Kings – I’ve honestly been meaning to get to it but I just haven’t had the time as I’ve been backlogged with games to record.
So when the team behind the game reached out to sponsor a look at it I figured to myself why not? It’d be the perfect opportunity to actually get it done, finally.
The game just launched their new 2.0 update so this is essentially killing two Orcs with one arrow.


A self-proclaimed “MMORPG masterpiece with fantastic graphics” – and let me be the first to tell you – its graphics rival many PC MMOs currently active.
World of Kings has a massive seamless open world for you to explore without loading screens, tons of dungeons for you to participate in, raids for you to conquer, and PvP for you to.. well, dominate.
The story follows the hero, which in this case was yours truly, on a journey to save the world of Tanglamia from a.. dragon. ’cause we all know how big and bad dragons can be, not to mention how much they just love eating people.
The MMO is also voice acted, adding a little bit of personality to the game that would otherwise leave it void of such.


There are 5 races and 27 different class combinations in total.
We have the recently released Nightborne – which I opted to play as because.. well, naturally. The High Elves, Orcs, Dwarves and finally.. the generic Human. Which I almost ended up being.
But I didn’t, ’cause I wanted to look good for a change.
I won’t go over exactly what classes are available because at almost 30.. yeah, no thanks. However! I will state that the holy trinity of Tank:Healer:DPS is utilized.
We have various types of melee classes, mage classes and healers, so. Yeah, let’s leave that there.
Combat itself though – at least from the perspective of a mage was tab-target. I was required to lock – or, tap a target in this case and my skills would automatically project themselves at the enemy I had selected.
Which makes sense, as I have yet to see an MMO on mobile perfect action combat. Normal mobile games sure, but not a mobile MMORPG yet.
I had tons of skills to choose between, level up and upgrade – with a handy little tooltip letting me know what the majority of players level in case I have no idea what I’m doing – which honestly.. I don’t.


Since this is an MMO there is always going to be character creation! The creation tools in World of Kings offered a few different faces and facial options – although I really only checked the Nightborne, ’cause.. I was lazy.
But it allowed me to change the most important part of them, and that was their horns. I couldn’t imagine being stuck with one basic kind of horn.. even if I went with the default type.
I’m guessing the customication options are comparable regardless of which race you go – as in, each having a select amount of customizable options.
Graphically though, World of Kings is by far the best looking mobile MMO I’ve seen – to date. And that’s saying something as I’ve played through some pretty damn good ones over my time.
I’ve played so many South Korean MMOs that I’d forgotten that China was capable of producing some damn good looking titles.
I mean, seriously. If you haven’t already, just take a few moments to marvel at how good this game really looks. It could rival popular PC MMOs that are still currently active and played – in 2019!
Which is incredible. I didn’t think it’d look this good going in, but.. here I am.


PvP plays a large part in World of Kings.
There are a large variety of game modes you can participate in, including 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, and 15v15.
I participated in 5v5 and 15v15 content and honestly, it was a blast.
Unfortunately I only recorded the 15v15 content as I wasn’t aware the 5v5 queue had popped and wasn’t recording at the time but 15v15 content is where I think the game really shines.
I love group content: I love having to work together with other people to accomplish a common goal.
Yes, going off solo and trying to do things on your own is all well and good but in the grand scheme of things, working towards a win with 14 other people makes you feel like part of a community.
Especially when everyone has their mics turned on and you have people of all ages and nationalities screaming.
Admittedly I’m still quite new at the character and didn’t have too much idea of what I was doing.. so I kinda fumbled around and tried to help out where I could, but I feel like I did alright.
I mean I only died like.. once? That was significantly less than some other people.


World of Kings is a very interesting MMORPG.
I’ve been so sick of playing South Korean copy-paste MMOs over the last few months that this was a refreshing change of pace.
It felt like a real MMO. A real, connected MMO with thought actually put into the game. This made the game feel more alive and feel much more like a PC game as opposed to what I’m used to.
Which was a very refreshing change of pace. If more Mobile MMOs were like World of Kings I don’t think people would be as eager to dismiss them as they are.

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    Sep 20, 2019 @ 22:20 pm

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