Twilight Spirits – New Upcoming Action MMORPG Open Beta Official Launch Date!

Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings, There sure has been a lot of MMO related news recently, am I right guys? From
Bless being dropped by Ariea games, Kingdom Under Fire II’s Official NA/EU launch date, to tons of MMORPGs/expansions coming out,
like Stormblood and Morrowind. It’s been pretty heck-tick, trying to keep you guys updated, which brings me to this video! I have some
more MMO news, this time it’s about Twilight Spirits.

If you’re not aware, Twilight spirits is a Chinese, Action MMORPG. being published by none other that NetEase.
So you’ve probably heard or seen something regarding it by now, if you check any kind of MMO News related websites or Youtube channels,
as its been floating around, and just generally being hyped up, as it’s the new flashy action MMORPG. We’re Not talking Ashes of
creation kinda hype, but it’s still hyped, nevertheless.

I have a more in depth video regarding Twilight Spirits’ features and what classes it has, etc. In another video, which you can find here:

The New Twilight Spirits MMORPG Looks Fantastic!

Alright so back to what I originally wanted to talk about, Twilight Spirits is finally entering its first “open beta”.
Which is awesome! Now, while it is in Chinese, as it doesn’t have an NA/EU release date yet which is a downer, I know. However
you can still take part in this open beta, as there are no region or IP locks, or really any kind of restrictions stopping
you from playing and enjoying Twilight Spirits. Its really very simple, the only thing you have to literally do, is register and download it,
then you’re good to go, and ready to play Twilight Spirits, in all its blood soaked glory.

Do remember that the official website and Twilight Spirits are in full Chinese so you will need to translate the website, through google, or really any other translating website.
or a phone app. Unless you can read Chinese, then you know.. you won’t need to translate it.

So yeah, its open Beta begins on the 29th of June. So better decide what classes you want to play, and start downloading it, ready for its
open beta launch! Oh I’m so exited!

Quick question to my fellow Bytelings, will you be taking part in Twilight Spirits closed beta?

Either way, good day night or afternoon wherever it is where you are and I MIGHT see you guys in the next video.. you see what I did there? yeah
I changed it up, hehe. It’s okay though.. I will be in the next video. I was just messing with you guys.

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