The New Twilight Spirits MMORPG Looks Fantastic!

Hello Everyone, my name is Wiggy!

Today I’m going to be talking about Twilight Spirits!

Now if you haven’t been keeping up to date with Twilight Spirits, or you’ve never even heard about, it I’ll give you a run down of what’s “currently” known. Let’s get started shall we?

So Twilight Spirits is being published my NetEase. Sound familiar? Well it should, it’s the very same people behind Revelation online, another new highly anticipated MMORPG hitting the market in less than a week, which, BTW I can’t wait for.
Twilight Spirits is marketed as a MMORPG however it doesn’t really focus on the “RPG” side.
Allow me to elaborate.

Since its first CBT the devs behind Twilight Spirits have mentioned that combat is one of the main focuses behind the game so it goes without mention that it should be high quality, right?
But damn they do it right! With no tab targeting making it clunky like Revelation Online and gorgeous graphics, it’s not hard to see why this game is hyped.
However that’s not all, Twilight Spirits also features “Dragon Spirit Moment” which you’ll enter whenever you successfully dodge an attack.
While you’re in Dragon spirit moment everything will move in slow motion, like you’re the flash allowing you to deal mass damage to your foes, in styleee.
It’s nothing new or revolutionary, but it’s still a pretty cool feature.

While Twilight Spirits’ combat is far from disappointing, an unfortunate draw back, at least for me is that it’s a dungeon based MMORPG and not open world.
While some people may enjoy enclosed area’s that you repeat over and over until unlocking new areas or dungeons, I personally find that they can get quite repetitive.
While that may not necessarily be the case for Twilight Spirits, since the devs have stated that there are at least 60 dungeons to play through, I still find it disappointing.

Is it really too much to hope for an action MMORPG that’s open world? besides BDO? sigh.

Moving onto the classes! in the original CBT of Twilight Spirits there were only 4 classes, which isn’t a lot however the devs did promise to have 4 more classes by launch.
They have added 2 more classes, one being a Gunner and one a Healer, so it’s safe to assume the will be adding the other 2 classes.
I will point out that the classes are gender locked, which is quite limiting and completely unnecessary in my opinion. But alas Action MMORPGs do love their gender locked classes.

Twilight Spirits will also feature PvP like Guild v Guild and normal Arena combat, for all of you gladiators out there wanting to brawl, you’ve got a new MMO on the horizon to master!
I will point out that Dragon spirit moment is only usable in PvE content.

Twilight Spirits is entering it’s 3rd CBT as of March 7th, so if you’re interested in what Twilight Spirits has to offer don’t forget to check it out now before the 3rd CBT ends. There is no official word on whether or not Twilight Spirits will come to the west. So all we can only hope for now but with that being said, we’ll make sure to keep you informed if anything changes.

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