TERA’s Population Struggling – Server Merges Planned

En Masse Entertainment Merging Servers For TERA's PC Version

En Masse Entertainment have a history of merging together servers for TERA and with the game’s population issues.. it’s really no surprise that they’re at it again. In an attempt to get their “population under control” – being that their servers are completely empty, En Masse will be performing server merges for TERA on PC. They have pushed out an FAQ weeks in advance in an attempt to assist players in the merger. En Masse have suggested that players delete character they don’t need since there will be new character limits on the merged servers, forcing players to delete any additional characters upon logging into the game.

Server Merges

  • Mount Tyrannas and Fey Forest will merge to become a new (PVP65) server.
  • Ascension Valley and Tempest Reach will merge to become a new (PVE) server.
  • Celestial Hills will remain its own separate (PVE) RP server.

Population Issues

With WildStar recently shutting down, ArcheAge merging servers, Blade and Soul merging servers, and TERA merging servers.. the steep decline in the MMORPG playerbase is becoming quite noticeable.

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