Trion Merging ArcheAge Servers To “Combat Dead Population”

ArcheAge Server Merges Taking Place October 17-18th

On October 17-18th, 2018, Trion will be merging their remaining servers together into several slightly more populated servers in an attempt to “combat population issues”. What this means is that the official game’s population per server is so low that they are merging them together to attempt to keep a semblance of player activity. The North American servers (Aranzeb, Kyrios, Reckoning, Vengeance, Kraken) will all be merged into one, with the North American servers (Conviction, Thunderwing) being merged into the second NA server. Nui will be remaining as-is. While the European servers (Shatigon, Eanna, Prophecy) will be merged together, and (Tempest, Retribution) will become the second EU server. Ezi will also remain as-is. This means less expenditure for Trion, and more players spending their cash to compete with whomever is left.

ArcheAge 5.0 Update

These merges are being referred to as “an evolution”, with the upcoming 5.0 update hitting the official servers the week after the merges take place. This has caused quite the uproar as players always leave en masse when server merges take place but players are always looking to participate in the new content whenever it releases, so in an attempt to lessen the expense involved in running 14 different servers, they’re reducing it down to 6. This comes after Trion recently fired a large portion of their staff.

ArcheRage Alternative

This is why we recommended players go ahead and try out ArcheRage (the private server) if they were interested in an iteration of the game that isn’t as heavily pay to win, has a more active population (being that everyone plays on a single server,) and has developers that actively work on and care about the game and its population.

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