Subverse Pre-Impressions – What Should we Expect?

Subverse Pre-Impressions - What Should we Expect?

I know you guys have been waiting for this. It’s probably the most requested game I’ve ever had after I released my League of Maidens video.
So what kind of content creator would I be if I didn’t make content my fans were anticipating, right? Oh, the normal kind? Well I’m far from normal, and so is Subverse.
Quick note though, I’ll be doing a small giveaway for Subverse – giving a few Steam copies away once the game launches into Early Access.
If you want to participate, head on over here to join!
Now let me give you a rundown of what Subverse is real quick.


Subverse is an interesting take on the genre. While not an MMO, it is an RPG game that I’m really looking forward to.
It’s built from the ground up as an old-school style PC RPG. An RPG that has the adult nature of let’s say something like.. The Witcher, with its.. adult tones.
The game takes place within the Prodigium Galaxy, a galaxy filled with pirates, bounty hunters, and the innocent people you’re no doubt going to rob blind as you’re one of them.
Yup, and you get your very own ship as well.
Your ship is your base of operations with which you’re capable of cruising Prodigium with, recruiting various aliens to join your crew, living in their own designated quarters and ultimately becoming part of your space-harem.


Not even kidding. You can recruit tons of females – which I should probably have lead with. This likely isn’t going to appeal to all that many women.
These women are supposedly the baddest babes in the galaxy – having exceptional combat potential and even more exceptional looks. Their words, not mine. Don’t shoot the messenger!
Like The Witcher or even Mass Effect, the game does feature more adult themes such as relationships and sex.
You can increase or even decrease your relationship with various characters and in turn gain or lose the potential to pursue a relationship with them.
Each waifu is well thought out, has their very own backstories to pursue and learn about so they’re far from being objects.
I know that won’t appeal to everyone but at the same time, you don’t have to pursue a relationship with any of them – you can completely ignore that aspect of the game if it bothers you.


Yes, yes we do!
The Mary Celeste, which is home to our crew and us is capable of cruising the galaxy, doing battle in traditional Shoot ’em up style.
The Prodigium Galaxy is split into five unique sectors that are populated with hundreds of planets and interactive objects.
This provides players many opportunities to not only do battle with a variety of enemies on-ship but also take to the ground and do battle on-foot.
So while yes you do get a ship, and yes you do get to explore the galaxy with it, the game isn’t contained and doesn’t revolve solely around the ship if that was of concern to you.


Oh you mean where I mentioned the two forms of combat being Shoot ’em up and on-foot? Let me elaborate.
As stated, there are two forms of combat. Shoot ’em up revolves around fighting other alien ships, dodging a bajillion bullets on-screen simultaneously, and single-handedly destroying the enemy fleet.
Traditional shoot ’em up for those of you that wanna take a trip down memory lane.
Each waifu is capable of providing your ship with a beneficial buff or even weapon type to make use of in space battles, so recruiting is a must!
Then you have the more RPG-type combat where you take your harem out on the ground and participate in turn-based combat to duke it out with alien hostiles.
Each of your waifu’s have their very own selection of skills and fighting styles so planning ahead is all but a requirement.
Or you can do what I do and just YOLO right in there, guns blazing. And die. Repeatedly. But that’s how we learn.


A very good question. Currently it is unknown.
It was revealed that the main character – the captain of the ship will be male. There is only a single gender you can choose to play as.
There was mention of outfits and customization, yes, but to what degree is currently unknown as well.
Outfits are likely, but for whom remains to be seen. I’m sure there’ll be the potential for a lot of profit if you allow costumes for the females on your ship whereas I don’t see many people caring what their guy looks like.


My thoughts on this are a little.. divided. On the one hand, I was never a fan of shoot ’em up games, but I love tactical RPGs.
I always enjoyed choosing and pursuing characters in games like Mass Effect, the Witcher, or heck, even games like Harvest Moon and the Sims, to me, that was part of the fun.
The fact that there are other RPG-elements in-game such as upgrading your ship and your waifu’s combat abilities, along with a progression system means that there will likely be a lot of customization to be had in terms of builds and play-style.
It’s also a nice change to see game developers shying away from hiding and censoring their games to appeal to people that look down on and shame people who enjoy games like this.
There’s nothing wrong with liking a game that shows male or female bodies in a positive light. There’s also nothing wrong with wanting to play a game with a harem of men or women.
So kudos to you guys for doing what League of Maidens are doing – going against the norm and publishing a fun-looking game for all of us.
The game has an expected Early Access date of Summer 2019 – so I hope to see a buncha you guys playing it.

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    Bradley K. Flippen Reply
    Jan 12, 2020 @ 2:25 am

    This looks awesome! Looking forward to the giveaway

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