League of Maidens is a Brand New Superhero MMO ARPG

League of Maidens is a Brand New Superhero MMO ARPG

Ah, this one gave me a good chuckle. I didn’t think we’d get something like this after Aeria Games shut down Scarlet Blade but here we are nevertheless.
League of Maidens is a very interesting looking game. It’s kind of an MMO while not being an MMORPG exactly.
The game is superhero inspired with players creating very voluptuously shaped “War Maidens,” immortal beings with superhuman powers.
Like in most superhero games, War Maidens are tasked with either helping protect the world from big baddies or joining them with the intention of destroying mankind.

Maiden Gaming, the team behind the game have put a lotta work into League of Maidens and it shows.
The game features aerial, ground and sea combat while utilizing various forms of combat such as melee, projectile and heavy use of counters.
You’re capable of grappling people during flight, super speed, or while swimming and just.. lay waste.
Admittedly, the combat looks like it could use a little work but for the most part it still moves and plays better than a lot of current-gen MMOs.

The game, although very interesting sounding, has garnered a lot of attention for.. its use of.. female assets. And by “assets” I do mean boobs. And butts. ’cause let’s be real here, the focus is most definitely.. on them.
And right now they’re all the craze on the market it would seem – have you seen Subverse? That got over $2 million dollars funding on Kickstarter. Yes, there are a lotta pervs out there.
The game offers what could potentially be the most in-depth character customization in an online game to date.
They offer over 80 individual sliders for facial construction and over 50 for just the body. This’ll of course allow you to get the perfect set of big, round.. eyes for your girl.
There’s also a lot of posing options, photo filters for capturing that perfect screenshot and an actual album to share with other players.

It’s pretty funny, honestly. I’ve played a solid amount of Scarlet Blade over the last year or two and the community considered that going too far.
While League of Maidens does look like a mechanically interesting game and I am definitely certain that over the course of its development it’s going to turn out pretty damn well I can’t help but be a little.. concerned.
I have no problem with games throwing boobs and asses in your face. If that’s the kind of game it is then no problem. But I do know that it isn’t necessarily going to appeal to a large audience.
Or it might. Especially when you use Subverse as comparison.

Maiden Gaming have stated that they are a 3-man studio – and their goal is to develop AAA quality games in the future, but focusing on sexy women.
They want to push the boundaries of what the mainstream media deems as acceptable and hey, guys, good luck. Your game looks beautiful and I have every hope that you succeed in doing what you set out to.
Especially with a 3-man studio. That’s rough.
Interestingly they opted to not launch a Kickstarter yet, instead they want to get a proper, functional game out before asking for extended funding from the community.
I’ve seen a lot of crowdfunded games go the wrong way with development so it’s refreshing to see an indie developer launch a Patreon first instead for interested parties to help fund the game with small monthly payments.
This shows that at the very least they care enough to not scam us out of our money.. or large sums of it.

It’s a very interesting concept, I’ll give them that.
Dead or Alive is incredibly popular, not for its combat, not for its story, but for the women that populate it and the tiny outfits they wear- Or don’t wear, for that matter.
This semi-adult gaming market is growing quite rapidly and it was only a matter of time before someone took advantage of the lack of an adult-themed MMO. Or, at least one that isn’t Second Life.
I think the game looks pretty good. It looks like it could be a lotta fun. It also looks like it’s the kinda game you would want to hide from your parents, girlfriends, wives and children.
But if you don’t have to worry about any of that, then it’s probably the game for you.

If you want to get into the game before it launches- AKA, right now, then all you need to do is become a Silver Patron for $15 per month.
I’ll probably do it later this year once I’m certain it’s come along a little more – that way I don’t have a distorted view of the game before it’s ready.
Kind of like what people do with Early Access games like ARK or Atlas.

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